For years now I’ve been taking remixes without a readily available radio mix, and editing them down for listening in the car/iPod/etc. I love remixes, but when they get into the 7-10 minute realm… the beats can get a little monotonous. In a few cases, I felt like the official radio edits left out too much of the good stuff from the longer mix, so I made a newer, longer edit.

So, I’m gonna start sharing what I’ve done with you. I try to do the best I can… but I know there’s a couple where I just never got the beats to match perfectly, & I gave up. I’ll warn you if I link those. If there’s a mix you would like to see shortened, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Bjork – Human Behaviour (Underworld QB Edit)
I’ve been a Bjork fan since high school (which was just 2 years ago. or more like 10), & though I had this remix for forever, it wasn’t until I heard it played during the season finale of Queer as Folk season 2 that I realized how hot & sexy it was.

Scissor Sisters – It Can’t Come Quickly Enough (SM Boot QB Edit)
This is a white label mix I found of an album cut off the SS’ first album. The remix is actually more of a dub with it’s repetition of lyrics, but the beats are great disco-house, & I think it’s more tolerable in the 4-minute realm, then the 7. What do you think?