If your remember, at the end of my New York post, I alluded to some more personal news on the way. And here it is…

I have officially become a student again.

Let’s backtrack. I dropped out of college about 7 years ago, after pretty much wasting 2 years (except for the work I did in theatre, that was great!) at Howard Community College. Good thing I decided to drop out, because they were puting me on academic suspension anyway. I wasn’t a great student, and I wasn’t very motivated to be there. Basically, my parents were making me go!

Fast forward to the past few months. I’m trying to get promoted at work, and they hinted at the idea of wanting me to go back to school. Well since work will pay for it, and it can’t hurt, I jumped on it and I’m doing it. I had to do some extra meeting with college people to be placed on academic probation (ha… what a way to start again), but the credits I did pass still count, and the new classes I take will only increase my GPA. And in about a semester I’ll be off probation. And in about 2 years, I’ll have my AA and can start looking to transfer to a 4 year, which will probably take me that long.

I’m taking it easy and only doing one class at a time, so I don’t get overwhelmed or burnt out, but I am taking 2 courses during the 3 summer sessions the college offers. Today I started ‘Introduction to Business & Organization’ and so far, it’s surprising how much I already know. Hopefully I’ll actually get to learning in a week or so, but right now it’s a little redundant. After that, I’m taking ‘Principles of Internet’, and except for learning some more HTML, I’m pretty sure I could teach that one.

Either way, that’s the update in my little world. I’m kinda blah, kinda nervous, and kinda excited… if that’s possible… so wish me luck!