Captain America #26 – Finally the follow-up after Cap’s assassination!! I can’t wait to see what the deal is with the revelation that Cap’s girlfriend, Sharon Carter, delivered the gunshots that actually did him in. Apparently she was under mind-control. Of course!
Fantastic Four #546 – More intergalactic space action with the all-new all-Black Fantastic 4. Just kidding. The Thing & Human Torch are still white. But their costumes are black now. Like their men.
Irredeemable Ant-Man #8 – This series just keeps plodding along. I can’t decide if I love it or hate it, and what the long term plan for it is. I did enjoy the cameo of Ms. Marvel last issue tho.
She-Hulk #18 – Shulkie brings the fight to Iron Man. Because everyone hates Iron Man now. Except for the people that don’t. Maybe. Anyway, I’m interested to see Shellhead get a nice big green bitchslap.
Wisdom #6 – This mini is now coming to a close. After a slow start, this really turned into a fun read, and I’m interested to see how it all comes to a close.
X-Men #199 – If the cover is an indication, with the zombie-looking Rogue, hopefully she’s coming out of her coma to start fighting the good fight along with the rest of her team. One month left till the big 200th issue fiesta. Can’t wait!