manhattan.jpgSo, my dear Kylie just left New York. She arrived just a day after I left, so our paths never crossed.

While she was there, she took in a Broadway show (Grey Gardens), a Galliano fashion show (where she rubbed elbows with Charlize Theron & Dita Von Teese), and did some more recording for the new album.

And then, there is THE rumor that came from this trip. The rumor that fills my heart with warmth and sunshine.

Allegedly, Kylie and her people are in the early planning stages of some sort of US tour to begin in early 2008.

You read that right. Just a rumor, but if she appaears for just one night stateside, you better believe I’ll max out a credit card to be there.

In other news, the campaign for Kylie’s H&M Love’s Kylie line of beachwear is starting to pop up in advertising all over the world. Kylie is also said to be showing up to Cannes, before heading in to Sweden for more recording for the new album. The rumored song count is starting to reach over 49 songs, with alleged clips starting to leak hear and there. Maybe all of these songs will be great enough to warrant a double album? I know you have it in you Kylie!