Well, here’s a bit of the info on what’s been going on with me lately and why some of the posts have been not on time.

Two weekends ago, I had an awesome trip to New York City with my best girl, Shanty. The initial reason for going was to help ModFab work on the Drama League Awards, on Friday afternoon. They were very cool, and it was interesting to see how a lot of the events planning stuff matched my own job. Maybe I should ditch healthcare and move on to entertainment events. I got to bump into some celebs, but I’m not a name-dropper. Fuck That! I totally am… I met Duncan Sheik, Shanty had a word with Tony Kushner (who gave an excellent speech at the Awards), and I also bumped into Christine Baranski, Kevin Spacey, Sam Waterston, Billy Crudup, and a bunch of other Broadway stars. And lots of rich people. LOTS!

After the awards, there was a volunteer Happy Hour at a nearby bar, with free pizzas & beer. Then, before I got properly buzzed,  ModFab, Shanty, a few other new friends, & I headed out to another restaurant, for some more food, and then made plans for the rest of the evening. We wound up going to see Coram Boy, an amazing non-musical playing on Broadway right now. Seriously, it is one of the greatest theatre experiences I have had, but the show is a bit on the dark side, and despite handful of Tony nominations, it is likely to close in a week or so. GO SEE IT NOW, BITCHES!! We then parted ways with ModFab, changed clothes, and went to get more drinks at Shag Bar, in the West Village. It was a long day though, so we wound up not drinking into the wee hours of the morning. Oh, well!

Saturday morning we awoke to check out the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market (see my picture with the Devil in my Flickr). After an hour in Hell’s Kitchen ( I never did spot Daredevil, but I guess he tends to come out at night), we took the shuttle bus over to the 25th street extension of the flea market. I got to look at lots of records, and of course, bought a stack of comics. Since we’d had our fill of thrift and vintage, we hopped a cab up to Tiffany & Co. Never been there, and it was amazing, however all I did besides look at stuff was use the men’s room, since that’s all I could afford, without dipping into some serious credit. Oddly, their men’s room was kind of average, and I was shocked to find they used that generic pink soap that’s in every rest stop along I-95. You’d think Tiffany’s would at least have fancier handsoap. To spite them I shit on the counter. Kidding… or am I?? We spent the rest of the afternoon in Central Park, which was perfect, since it was such a lovely day. We had hot dogs (and no stomach discontent from said hot dogs), found the Bethesda Fountain (see the picture in Flickr), watched a bunch of very cool performers (check out the band Break Of Reality – their acoustic set was awesome), and like true tourists, took a horse drawn carriage ride. Aww! Fantastic afternoon!

We then went on to see another show Saturday night, Spring Awakening. It is an incredible show, fully worthy of all the accolades falling on it, and a little reminiscent of Rent. The music is incredible, written by my new friend from the day before, Duncan Sheik. However, I think we were expecting to be more dazzled, not that the show was in any way bad, but Coram Boy, from the night before, was just amazing and set the bar really high. I have definitely been rocking the cast recording since then though. Another show for all of you to check out, after Coram Boy! Post show, it had started to rain, and it was awesome seeing all these people acting like idiots for fear of getting wet. Ha! We made our way a block or so, to Ruby Foo’s, where we had some of the best sushi EVER (and some tasty drink specials too). Sunday was set to be an early day, so we just went back to the hotel to get a good night’s sleep.

Sunday we woke up and packed all our shit up and checked out of the hotel. We then visited a friend of ours who works at the Buttercup Bake Shop, to visit for a few and have an awesome breakfast of coffee and cupcakes. So yummy!! We then went back toTimes Square to visit my own personal Mecca, theVirgin Records Mega-Store (and they were having a sale — Thank you, Jesus!). AFterforcing myself to leave $70 later, Shanty and I made our way to our last show of the weekend, a Mother’s Day matinee of Mary Poppins. The show was everything you’d expect froma  Disney musical, over the top production values, decent performances, and families everywhere (though I was pretty disappointed in the choreography). We were very lucky to get cheap box seats, which was awesome in itself. Post show, we ran around Times Square a little more, then went back on the bus to go home. We were first in line, so fortunately, the ride home was WAY more comfortable then the ride up, where the bus was so packed the only remaining seats were ALL the way in the back crammed between a lil’ junior thug and the bathroom. If i ever smell another urinal cake in my life it will be too soon!

So that awesome weekend vastly eclipsed this past weekend, where I was stuck at home with a throat infection. I had to leave work early on both Thursday and Friday, and was too pitiful to leave the house for the rest of the weekend. I did watch a bunch of movies and read a ton of comics.  I’m better now and ready for a kick-ass Memorial Day weekend.

So, there you have my weekend in NYC, my home/sick weekend, and an explanation of why some posts have been so sluggish lately. Expect some other interesting personal news next week!  Peace.