All-Star Batman & Robin #5 – Allegedly this book is shipping today. This book is plagued with delays. The art is pretty, the story is interesting, but fucked if I can remember what happened in issue #4. That’s what happens when you let books lag in the shipping for way too long. Shame on you DC Comics, it’s not like I’m reading many of your books to begin with!!
Cable & Deadpool #40 – So this book has been Deadpool-centric the last few months, and now we’re getting a Cable & the X-Men arc for 3 issues. I don’t know if this is great to see the X-men pop up in this book, or if they just dumped this story off on this book, so that the regular X-Men title can start lighting the fuse for the big issue #200 explosion. Either way, I’ll read it!
Catwoman #67 – More of the Catwomen battling Hammer & Sickle… or whatever these cliched Russian villains are called. It looks like the story might build to something bigger, hopefully that’s true, because right now it’s pretty trite.
Exiles #94 – The conclusion of Psylocke’s first adventure with the dimension hopping team of outcasts. It’s been good so far, let’s see if it reaches a satisfying conclusion!
Fallen Son: Captain America #1 – Is this one the funeral… is Cap even getting a funeral?? I dunno what’s going on in this book, but I really enjoyed the Avengers story last month showing the 2 Avengers teams simultaneously.
Mighty Avengers #3 – Oh it’s so pretty. I love Frank Cho’s art, and this book makes me so happy. I love watching Ms. Marvel as the team leader, and I love that Iron Man has been taken over by Ultron. Oh, and Tigra, a big pussy in a bikini appears in this issue.
Moon Knight #10 – The conclusion to this arc. So why does Moon Knight see visions? And is Punisher going to kick MK’s as, just like Molly kicked Punisher’s ass over in Runaways?
Ultimate X-Men #82 – So this issue turns to what’s been happening with Nightcrawler lately, and the debut of the Ultimate Morlocks. Fun!
Uncanny X-Men #486 – This is it!! The issue a year in the making! The issues let’s us know who lives, dies, and will be returning from this epic space battle with the Shi’Ar. I’m excited to see the resolution, and excited to see where Brubaker takes the team next!
X-Factor #19 – I love this book. Everyone should read it. I’m not telling you what happens because you need to go buy it and find out for yourself.