Apparently Kylie is going electro for the next album. I can’t wait!

Allegedly, her record company just asked Hot Chip (who my friend Lola is trying to get me into very muchly) to submit a track for her album. They are considering this track for Kylie:

I hope that happens… very funky stuff and Kylie’s voice would slide all over that. Other alleged contributors that get me all wet include – Scissor Sisters, Groove Armada, Calvin Harris, & Boy George; with rumors abounding about work with Mylo, Freemasons, Justin Timberlake, Dirty Vegas, & the Pet Shop Boys. It could be Kylie’s gayest CD yet!
And also, Kylie has recently been spotted in South America, and though the media has spun it into a rumor mill about Kylie having an affair with a married film director, it turns out… she is down there doing some early prep for an upcoming musical film she’ll have some hand in. And even learned the tango.

I think I just shit my pants!