Amazing Spider-Man #540 – Is Aunt May going to bite it? Cany Spider-Man save and/or avenge her. Also, is there trouble brewing with Peter & MJ? So many questions, when will we get the answers?
Black Panther #27 – More fun with the new members of the Fantastic Four. Probably not as much fun as we’ll have when they go to Marvel Zombie-land. But, they don’t know when to tell stories in this book, or when to hop on trends!
Ghost Rider #11 – The conclusion of the ‘Casualties of War’ storyline. I have all the issues after this one… but I haven’t read them all yet. Hope it doesn’t suck when I sit down to read all 4 parts.
Marvel Zombies: Dead Days #1 – Marvel Zombies done by the guy who cooked up the idea. Marvel Zombies was awesome the first time around, and the new crossover with Army of Darkness is really knocking it out of the park. Hopefully this one won’t disappoint either!
New Avengers #30 – From the bloody cover, maybe someone dies. Really enjoying this book after the post-Civil War revamp!
New X-Men #38 – So the last book set-up the story for a possibility of Magik’s return. Hopefully this issue we’ll actually get to the task of finding her not-so-dead-ass!
Nova #2 – So last month this was a surprisingly fun read. I’m expecting more from this issue, when Nova meets Iron Man, and Shellhead is all “Welcome back to Earth, it’s been awhile. Choose a side.” and tricky Dick is all “What the hell are you talking about Drunky McDrunkerson?”
Punisher War Journal #7 – So allegedly, this issue Punny tries to assume the mantle of Captain America. Interesting. They both believe in truth and justice, however, Cap had one thing that the Punisher doesn’t… a distinct lack of CRAZY on his face!
Thunderbolts #114 – I also have been buying these but not reading until I get them all cuz I missed some issues. That’s all.