Astonishing X-Men #21 – So the shipping schedule for this book is all wonky now, and allegedly this storyline is taking place after what’s currently going on in the other X-books right now. It confuses me too, but from the previews I saw, this issue looks very well done.
Avengers: The Initiative #2 – The Avengers have started up superhero boot camp, but it was actually a well done story, last issue. And more of the same looks to continue in this one. I was hoping for more catching up with existing characters, and instead we’ve been introduced to more new ones. Still a decent read tho!
Buffy The Vampire Slayer #3 – So I have issues 1 & 2, and i haven’t read them yet. I don’t know if I’m going to read these soon, or wait until I’m all caught up on the DVD’s (I’m halfway through season 2). I’ll keep buying the book tho, either way!
Incredible Hulk #106 – So I missed the bus on Planet Hulk, and will be buying the Hardcover as soon as it comes out, but I’m gonna be picking up World War Hulk, because I’m pretty interested to see Hulk smash some puny Illuminati ass!
Iron Man #17 – I can’t find last issue anywhere (my LCS got shorted) so hopefully this issue will recap for me!
Loners #2 – This book surprised me that it was so good. Very interesting storyline going on about heroes who are trying to kick the habit and just be normal people. They’re not doing a very good job though.
Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness #3 – Last issue was PRICELESS. When Ash started running around with classic Dazzler halfway through I was D-O-N-E. Such a welcome surprise!! I’m going to be quite sad when this mini-series is over!
Midnighter #7 – Hopefully this starts off an interesting new storyline, as last issue was kind of… an odd filler story.
Ms. Marvel #15 – Ms. Marvel vs. Modok. Hell yes. It would be even better if the baby Modok from Nextwave shows up!
Omega Flight #2 – Hopefully this issue sees the team actually assembling, since last issue, it was a LOT of back story and introductions.
Runaways #26 – Joss didn’t fuck up the book. And this issue, the kids bump into the Punisher. And Molly’s on the cover… I love that kid!
Wonder Man #5 – And this brings Wonder Man’s little tale to a close. Is Ladykiller reformed and ready to be a hero? Will her former masters make shit hard for Wonder Man and his buddies? Count on it!
World War Hulk: Prologue – More on the Hulk’s return and revenge on the heroes who sent him to space in the first place. Hells yes!

I won’t be stopping in until Saturday for one of the best holidays of the year – Free Comic Book Day (more on that tomorrow!!).