Catwoman #66 – So now we see what’s up with Holly back in Gotham City, and how she’s still getting into trouble for crimes Selina committed. Hope this issue keeps up with the fun we had seeing Selina in Metropolis!
Exiles #93 – Really fun arc, between Psylocke getting introduced, and an alternate reality where Wolverine and Sue Storm are married and leading Hydra. Fun times!
Fallen Son: Avengers #1 – The Avengers take (both teams) on the death of Captain America. Oh, and I LOVE the cover of this book!
Fantastic Four #545 – More fun with the replacements. It looks like those old stand-bys, Galactus & Silver Surfer are visiting. And just in time to cross promote the new movie. Good job guys!
New Excalibur #19 – The next chapter in (hopefully) a long story resolving a lot of those loose ends surrounding Captain Britain. Oh, and Dazzler still looks like a dyke.
Silent War #4 – Black Bolt is having trouble with a decision to go to war with the USA. So much drama, but no X-Factor this issue… oh well!
Wolverine #53 – More ass-whooping between Wolvie & Sabes. And Storm & Black Panther have given Logan the ok to “git ‘er done”.
Wisdom #5 _ So the shit is finally hitting the fan for our mutant poser-James Bond. Should be fun tho!
X-Men: First Class #8 – The last issue of a decent mini-series. They’re going to make it an ongoing later in the year, but I don’t think I’ll be picking it up. 8 issues was plenty! And I never thought I’d say that about an X-Men book!