The Rules
Put your iTunes on random. Post lyrics from the first songs that play. Post it on your blog & let everyone guess the song & artist. When a song is guessed correctly, strike out the lyrics & post the title in bold. Looking the lyrics up on any search engine is cheating!! So, if you know the song – leave your guess in a comment. If you’re right, I’ll post your name (or link). Enjoy! (this week is songs from my road trip playlist)

1. “see BIG done told you I’m the hottest bitch on the planet biggest sex symbol since Janet the Zanotti bandit layin in the cut like a bandage come through Fulton St. in a Vanquish doin dem damage & if you don’t understand it then lemme give it to you in Spanish soy la senorita mas linda del barrio y lo hago afuera del espacioLighters Up – Lil’ Kim ***ShannonH

2. “you’re on your own now we won’t save you your rescue squad is too exhaustedArmy of Me – Bjork ***ShannonH

3. “kiss you off my lips I don’t need another tube of that dime store lipstick well I think I’m gonna buy me a brand new shade of man kiss you off my lips it’s standing room only for a piece of my pigment so excuse me a minute while I supply demand kiss you off these lips of mine kiss you off for a custom shine pissed yours truly off this timeKiss You Off – Scissor Sisters ***EddieZ

4. “she was starin through the doorframe & eyeing me down like already a bad boyfriend well she can get her toys outta the drawer then cause I ain’t comin home I don’t need that attention seeGeek In The Pink – Jason Mraz ***ShannonH

5. “and I’m glad so glad that I’m done with you no more crying crying leaving me so black & blue you backed me up against the wall but I stand tall don’t give a damn no more oh baby bye bye no more lies no more lies no more lies without youGood Luck – Basement Jaxx ***ShannonH

6. “you send me just colours I’m waiting don’t hold back trees bow to the wind & I’m falling inside you songtitle feel the future rushing slowly right now so close I could touch it I’m dreaming don’t wake up”

7. “I wanted you right here with me but I have no choice you’ve gotta leave because my heart is breakin with every word I’m sayin I gave up everything I had on somethin that just wouldn’t last but I refuse to cry no tears will fall from these eyes oh ohLeave (Get Out) – JoJo ***ShannonH

8. “baby have some trustin trustin when I come with lustin lustin cuz I bring you that comfort I ain’t only here cuz I want yo body I want yo mind too interesting’s what I find you & I’m interested in the long haul come on girl yee-hawDon’t Phunk With My Heart – Black Eyed Peas ***ShannonH

9. “and if you ever have to go away nothing in my world would ever be the same nothing lasts forever but together till the end I’ll give you everything I have again and againI Believe In You – Kylie Minogue ***ShannonH

10. “what’d you hear this time go on & speak your mind I know somebody’s lyin it’s always somethin her auntie told your cousin then all your homies jumped in & the whole hood’s buzzin then he said she said baby don’t say somethin that you will regret I’m on your team it’s us against them you’ll see hey that ain’t gon stop”

11. “now I’m towing my car there’s a hole in the roof my possessions are causing me suspicion but there’s no proof in the paper today tales of war and of waste but you turn right over to the tv page now I’m walking again to the beat of a drumDon’t Dream It’s Over (Crowded House cover) – Howie Day ***Eric

12. “wear a different pair just something out of step throw a stranger an unexpected smile with big intention still posted at your station always on about the day you should have flown you say too late to start with you heart in a headlockHeadlock – Imogen Heap ***ShannonH

13. “want to but I can’t help it I love the way you feel just kinda stuck between my fantasy and what is real I needed when I want it I want it when I don’t tell myself I stop every day knowing that I won’t I got a problem and I don’t know what to do about it even if I did I don’t know if I would quit but I doubt it I’m taken byt thought of it and I know this much its true”

14. “yo hot damn doc a jam like a summer show I keep my car lookin like a crash dummy drove my gear look like the bank got my money froze for dead presidents I pimp like huddy roll doc the the one that excite ya divas if the media shine I’m shining with both of the sleeves up”

15. “spinning on that dizzy edge I kissed her face and kissed her head and dreamed of all the different ways I had to make her glow why are you so far away she said why won’t you ever know that I’m in love with you that I’m in love with youJust Like Heaven (Cure cover) – Gatsby’s American Dream ***ShannonH