Brave & The Bold #3 – For me not being a big DC fan, this series is really fun so far. Terrific art by George Perez, who never disappoints, and I think it’s so great that a legend like George is back on a monthly book. And you can tell that Mark Waid is having a great time with some random pairing of characters. And it’s helping me get a glimpse into more DC characters then I’d ever read about on a montly basis. THis month – Batman & Blue Beetle.
Cable & Deadpool #39 – More Deadpool/Agent X action, plus a subplot about Cable starts up, finally sharing some of the spotlight with Cable… you know the other guy who stars in this title!?
Mighty Avengers #2 – That’s right kids, Ultron is back to fuck with the new team of Avengers. How could you not be reading this bad boy!?
Moon Knight #9 – My new guilty pleasure from the Civil War wave of reading EVERY Marvel book for a few months is back. And this month, the Punisher shows up.
Ultimate X-Men #81 – So it;s been a rough couple of weeks for the Ultimate X-Men. SO why not screw with them a little more and bring Hank McCoy, aka Beast back from the dead. Cuz this is Marvel… where dead means temporary.
X-23: Target X #5 – So this issue we have a mental battle between Kimura & X-23. More great art and only one issue left!
X-Factor #18 – Not a damn thing could happen this issue and I’d buy it anyway. Cuz it would still be funny and well written nothing. Instead tensions are heating up in Ex-Mutant town, where the government want to round up all ex-mutants as supposed terrorists.
X-Men #198 – More build-up to the huge 200th issue!! The X-Men are camping out on Cable’s island, and hoping to cure Rogue. Some one strange and mysterious reaches out to Cable, and Iceman and Mystique might fuck soon. Oh the drama!!