All-Star Superman #7 – This book kinda chaps my ass. It’s on some bizarre random shipping schedule, and by the time the next issue comes out I’ve totally forgotten what happened last issue. Which is a great shame, because the art & writing are superb, but the delays are really holding it back.
Iron Man #16 – More on the shake-up of Marvel’s staus quo. What else is going on with Iron Man taking over as the head of SHIELD. I’m starting to hope that some of these books sink into storylines that aren’t as interesting, because I don’t think my wallet will hold out much longer!
New Avengers #29 – It’s interesting to see an underground team of Avengers, because for decades now, the Avengers have been the darlings of the Marvel Universe, and words like underground & renegade are terms you would never expect. I wonder how long it will last!
New X-Men #37 – So are they going to bring back Magik, Colossus’ long dead little sister? This issue starts out the new storyline that will answer this question!
Nova #1 – I haven’t been into Annihilation because there’s too much other stuff going on to buy those books too, so I’m getting into them as trades. But this book will be tying into the Initiative, so I’m picking up issue #1 to see what the deal with Nova is.
Punisher War Journal #6 – Another Initiative tie-in. If the story is lame, at least I know the art will be great!
The Loners #1 – Well well well… a mini-series following the paths of a sort of team introduced in the Runaways. Should be interesting!
She-Hulk #17 – She-Hulk is always a good read, but I’m not sold on it monthly yet… but it looks like She-Hulk is going to be making some discoveries about the Illuminati and their role in getting rid of her cousin, the Hulk. Hmmmm…
Thunderbolts #113 – Yet another Initiative tie-in. What can I say… like Aerosmith, I don’t wanna miss a thing.
Uncanny X-Men #485 – It’s almost over… I can’t believe it. Only one issue after this one to resolve the last year of the X-Men in space storyline. Who lives… who dies… who wins… one more month to find out. Whoooooo!