Did you know Kylie has a Grammy?
She won the award for ‘Best Dance Recording’ in 2003, in a bit of a shock, for her single “Come Into My World”.
She was nominated 4 years in a row actually, all in the ‘Best Dance Recording’ category – in 2002 for ‘Love At First Sight’, in 2003 for ‘Come Into My World’, in 2004 for ‘Slow’, and in 2005 for ‘I Believe In You’. Personally I think she should have won for 4 years straight, but it’s still a thrill that she even got nominated, and utterly suprising that she won. Not for lack of talent, but for lack of presence in the US. She also appeared on the awards in 2002, as a presenter with Justin Timberlake, just a few days away from the time he grabbed her bum during the Brit Awards. My my my!
Here’s to more Grammy’s for Kylie in the future!