After some recent travelling, I’ve been re-introduced to just how much I dislike flying. However, Kylie, in all of her fabulosity, travels like a pro. For all of you impolite travellers, perhaps you should take a page out of Kylie’s book in airport etiquette. The UK TV series, Airport, caught Kylie in the Heathrow Airport before a trip to Sydney, and she is beyond polite, courteous, and appropriate. Just watch!

Perhaps it’s her experience as a flight attendant for the song ‘Light Years’ that gave her such a familiarity with airport etiquette. During the spoken word sections of the song, Kylie introduces herself as our purser for the flight. It would be lovely if all flight attendants were like Kylie too. A boy can dream. I’m waiting for tickets on KM Air myself!

1077089575_big.jpgHere’s a quick peek at Kylie’s attendant uniform!