Black Panther #26 – The honeymoon continues for Marvel’s newest newlyweds. And if you’re idea of a great honeymoon is fun in the sun, steer clear of this book. If a good honeymoon involves getting into tussles with Dr. Doom, Namor, and joing the Civil War, then joining the Fantastic Four for all sorts of crazy cosmic battles, then this is the book for you!
Fantastic Four #544 – Um, yeah… Storm and the Black Panther have joined the Fantastic Four. This starts their first adventure on the team. Ooh!
Silent War #3 – This mini has turned out pretty interesting so far. In this issue, Crystal and Luna track down Quicksilver, the reason this whole mess got started, and X-Factor shows up to join in the fun. And we all know how much I love X-Factor!
Ultimate X-Men #80 – The aftermath of Professor X’s death continues. This is an alternate reality, mind you, so the real Professor X is off fighting in space in ‘Uncanny X-Men’. However, the Professor X in the Ultimate Universe bit the dust 2 issues ago, and appears to be as dead as the Prof in the movie. Hmm…
Wolverine #52 – This storyline has turned out to be a much better read then it has any business being. It’s setting up some weird and unclear past between Wolvie and Sabes that could explain their decades old grudge match. Oh and last issue Storm showed up… she’s a real busy bitch!