Amazing Spider-Man #539 – Finally! Now we get to find out what happened to Aunt May, and why Spidey is switching to the black threads. And here I thought I would get to drop this title. Ugh!
Cable & Deadpool #38 – I think Cable’s coming back. At least the cover photo would make you think that. And is Deadpool still shrunk down to Polly Pocket size?
Catwoman #65 – You knew Selina was gonna bump into Lex… you just knew it! Can’t wait to see who kicks who’s ass!
Civil War: Battle Damage #1 – I wonder if this is gonna be a normal story book, or if it’s gonna be an uber-dorky report-like one-shot. Either way I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.
Exiles #92 – Love what Claremont is doing with the title. Love that Psylocke has joined the team. Love that they’re in an alternate universe where Sue Storm is Madame Hydra. Love it!
Ms. Marvel #13 – Ms. Marvel is on fire right now. Iron Man wants her to lead the Mighty Avengers, but Carol wants something in return. And that’s how a bad-ass bitch gets it done!
Runaways Saga #1 – So this bonus book is going to recap what’s happened to the Runaways so far, before Joss Whedon hops on to take over the writing duties. It’s supposed to be narrated by Molly and have a new back-up story. Should be interesting, and a good way to rememebr without reading all my digests!
Wisdom #4 – Just when I thought this mini-series was getting pretty stale, I read the issue #3. Great read. Shang-Chi shows up to fight a dragon, and Pete Wisdom has something to “eat” while on spy duty. Very fun issue!
Wonder Man #4 – I’m still not sure what I think of this mini-series. The art is a little too over the top for me, and the story keeps plodding along. Ladykiller had a breakthrough last issue, but is it the truth or a lie. Only 2 more issues to see.
X-23: Target X #4 – More on the history of X-23. The art is awesome, my only gripe would be that Captain America was drawn like the member of a boy band, instead of as someone who’s more like… 30ish. Oh well… still a fun read.
X-Factor #17 – Another start on what should be a fantastic arc for the X-Factor Investigations team. Since all of the other ones have been fantastic, this one should be too. Why aren’t you reading this title yet?
X-Men #197 – We’re building up to what promises to be a stellar 200th issue extravaganza. Finally some much needed excitement on a monthly basis for the adjectiveless X-Men! And who knew Sabretooth would save the day last issue!
X-Men: First Class #7 – So it was just revealed that XFC will be turned into an ongoing series later this year. I doubt I’ll pick it up regularly. This mini-series has been ok, and the guest spots by some big Marvel names have been fun, I just don’t feel like this series is meaty enough for long term reading. The covers are gorgeous though!