More news on the album I’m salivating for…

Here’s the new alleged cover:
Fierce. Strange Little Girls anyone?

And here’s the tracklist:

Yo, George 1:25 *
Big Wheel 3:18
Bouncing Off Clouds 4:08
Teenage Hustling 4:00
Digital Ghost 3:50
You Can Bring Your Dog 4:04
Mr. Bad Man 3:18
Fat Slut 0:41 *
Girl Disappearing 4:00
Secret Spell 4:04
Devils and Gods 0:53 *
Body and Soul 3:56
Father’s Son 3:59
Programmable Soda 1:25 *
Code Red 5:27
Roosterspur Bridge 3:58
Beauty of Speed 4:08
Almost Rosey 5:23
Velvet Revolution 1:19 *
Dark Side of The Sun 4:16

Starred songs are interludes. Boys For Pele anyone? Word on the street is there’s lots more guitar on this album. Y Kant Tori Read anyone? I’ve heard clips of Secret Spell, Bouncing Off Clouds, & Big Wheel. Big Wheel sounds like alt-country, Bouncing Off Clouds sounds pretty, and Secret Spell sounds like the suckiest song on the album. Either way… May 1st baby! Also dailynibble has a stab at the lyrics, if you’re into reading them without the music.