Kylie’s fabulous, and so is her music. You should know this by now.

And she leaks.

Get your mind out of the gutter. Her unreleased material always seems to find it’s way out of the vaults and on to our computers.

Check out ‘On The Up’ – an unreleased demo from the ‘Body Language’ sessions. Very fun and dance-y! And newly leaked.

Also another song has recently found it’s way out amid a storm of controversy. ‘Excuse My French’ is a new song. Rumours abound about the story behind it. Some reports say it is a new demo Kylie is considering for her new album due out later this year. Conflicting reports state that it is either Kylie herself singing, or an unnamed studio singer who sounds just like Kylie. Personally, I think it sounds like Dannii, Kylie’s sister, however, many of us know that Dannii couldn’t be arsed to stop partying for a few hours and get into the studio to record something that isn’t a cover, or something as fun and frisky as this tune. Whoever it is… I hope it winds up on someone’s album sometime soon!