Irredeemable Ant-Man #6 – The little enginge that could keeps on chugging along. I’m enjoying this series… but I wouldn’t mind it lasting as long as, say… Nextwave. It’s entertaining, but I don’t see long-term longevity. Couldn’t hurt to be proven wrong.
Marvel Spotlight: Civil War – Follow-up for the Civil War crossover. I imagine this is going to give a little extra info on what happened, and whats happening next. Worth $3, I guess.
Moon Knight #8 – I was VERY surprised by issue 7. I’ve never read Moon Knight before, and it seems like a great comic. Sure, the character is a bit of a Batman knock-off, but the story was immediately inclusive, and the art is fantastic. Guess I’ll have to scare up issues 1-6.
New Avengers #28 – Ooh!! So now we find out what’s up for the unregistered heroes who plan to stay that way. The new team is lead by Luke Cage, and includes Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, Spider-Woman, Echo, Ronin, & Dr. Strange. All That and art from Leinil Yu. HOT!
New X-Men #36 – So we’re wrapping up the story with a glimpse into the past and person of X-23. Not a bad arc, but I’m really excited about the upcoming arc about Magik, Collosus’ long-dead little sister. Hope she’s not dead anymore!!!
Wonder Woman #5 – Seems like DC is trying to wrap up Allan Heinberg’s snail-paced run on the re-vamp of WW. Can’t blame them. The art has been great, the story has been… meh, and it’s has been shipping even slower than Astonishing X-Men. Hopefully this will free him up to get back to the book he belongs on… Young Avengers!!