Authority #2 – I love the idea of this team. And most of the previous runs on the title have been pretty exciting. This one is an enigma right now. It’s on that slow-ass every-other-month shipping schedule and in issue #1… nothing happened. Seriously. Not one shoit of anyone we rememebr from the team. If you want to tell a slow story… fine… but at least ship it monthly. Gimme a break. Maybe the second time will be the charm!
Civil War: The Initiative #1 – Well, it looks like this bad boy is going to start off all post-Civil War stories. It better be worth it cuz the bitch costs $5!!
Fantastic Four #543 – I’m pretty eager to see what’s happened to Marvel’s “First Family” now that the war is over and the marriage between Mr. Fanstastic & Invisible Woman is in a shambles. Plus, it appears Storm & Black Panther are joining the team… HOT!
Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness #1 – Normally I would be unsure of a follow-up to a successful mini-series like Marvel Zombies, but if it’s a crossover with ‘Evil Dead’ Bad-ass Ash… I Am So There!!
Midnighter #5 – In this ish, Midnighter is gonna take revenge on the douchebag who sent him into the past to kill Hitler… it’s gonna be awesome!!!
Mighty Avengers #1 – I have been dying to read this since the preview came out in the fall… and since I talked to Frank Cho at The Baltimore Comic-Con. Expect fantastic art on this bad boy!!
Onslaught: Reborn #3 – I totally expected this mini-series to be a suckfest… and surprisingly… it’s kind of interesting!
Uncanny X-Men #484 – This story should really start picking up steam now… all the key players are set up for big battle. Can’t wait to see how this epic turns out!!