March 2007

The onesheet posters for this summers’ HOT sequel, ‘Fantastic Four: The Rise of The Silver Surfer’ have been released. They look fantastic (pun intended) and I am SOOOOO excited. I’m sharing the small versions and a large version of the one featuring my boyfriend, Chris Evans. He’s not really my boyfriend… but anytime he wants to pass thru Baltimore, he can hit it and quit it with me!


After some recent travelling, I’ve been re-introduced to just how much I dislike flying. However, Kylie, in all of her fabulosity, travels like a pro. For all of you impolite travellers, perhaps you should take a page out of Kylie’s book in airport etiquette. The UK TV series, Airport, caught Kylie in the Heathrow Airport before a trip to Sydney, and she is beyond polite, courteous, and appropriate. Just watch!

Perhaps it’s her experience as a flight attendant for the song ‘Light Years’ that gave her such a familiarity with airport etiquette. During the spoken word sections of the song, Kylie introduces herself as our purser for the flight. It would be lovely if all flight attendants were like Kylie too. A boy can dream. I’m waiting for tickets on KM Air myself!

1077089575_big.jpgHere’s a quick peek at Kylie’s attendant uniform!


I can’t think of anything funny to acccompany alleged jizz on Robin’s face. Sorry!


Black Panther #26 – The honeymoon continues for Marvel’s newest newlyweds. And if you’re idea of a great honeymoon is fun in the sun, steer clear of this book. If a good honeymoon involves getting into tussles with Dr. Doom, Namor, and joing the Civil War, then joining the Fantastic Four for all sorts of crazy cosmic battles, then this is the book for you!
Fantastic Four #544 – Um, yeah… Storm and the Black Panther have joined the Fantastic Four. This starts their first adventure on the team. Ooh!
Silent War #3 – This mini has turned out pretty interesting so far. In this issue, Crystal and Luna track down Quicksilver, the reason this whole mess got started, and X-Factor shows up to join in the fun. And we all know how much I love X-Factor!
Ultimate X-Men #80 – The aftermath of Professor X’s death continues. This is an alternate reality, mind you, so the real Professor X is off fighting in space in ‘Uncanny X-Men’. However, the Professor X in the Ultimate Universe bit the dust 2 issues ago, and appears to be as dead as the Prof in the movie. Hmm…
Wolverine #52 – This storyline has turned out to be a much better read then it has any business being. It’s setting up some weird and unclear past between Wolvie and Sabes that could explain their decades old grudge match. Oh and last issue Storm showed up… she’s a real busy bitch!

The Rules
Put your iTunes on random. Post lyrics from the first songs that play. Post it on your blog & let everyone guess the song & artist. When a song is guessed correctly, strike out the lyrics & post the title in bold. Looking the lyrics up on any search engine is cheating!! So, if you know the song – leave your guess in a comment. If you’re right, I’ll post your name (or link). Enjoy!

1. “ooh its so good its so good its so good its so good its so good ooh heaven knows heaven knows heaven knows heaven knows heaven knows oohI Feel Love – Donna Summer ***fliteboy

2. “we don’t need no education we dont need no thought control no dark sarcasm in the classroom teachers leave them kids alone hey teachers leave them kids aloneAnother Brick In The Wall – Pink Floyd ***ShannonH

3. “I’ll fix these broken things repair your broken wings & make sure everything’s alright my pressure on her hips sinking my fingertips into every inch of you cuz I know that’s what you want me to doThis Love – Maroon 5 ***ShannonH

4. “can somebody tell me now who is this terrorist this little pill in my hand that keeps the pain living can somebody tell me now a way out of this that sacred pipe of red stone could blow me out of this kiss am I alone in thisThe Power of Orange Knickers – Tori Amos ***ShannonH

5. “now they’ve been lookin at me smilin at me laughin like we wasn’t happy but not knowin ever growin & we’re gettin’ married hard lovin & straight thuggin bitch I ain’t doin this shit for nuttin I’m here to get it poppin hoppin let’s ride up in the Benz hair blowin in the wind sun glistenin off my skin I’m nasty you know me but you still don’t fuck with your babyI’m Real – J-Lo & Ja Rule ***Eric

6. “I don’t mean no harm just wanna rock you girl make a move but be calm let’s go let’s give it up girl see it appears to me you like the way I move I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do pull you close and share my grooveRock Your Body – Justin Timberlake ***ShannonH

7. “demonstrating sweet love & affection that you give so openly yeah the way I feel about ya baby can’t explain it want the whole wide world to see oh but in my heart you’re all I need you for me and me for you oh it’s growin every day ohBest Of My Love (Emotions Cover) – Mary J. Blige ***CrystalG

8. “faster than the speeding light she’s flying trying to remember where it all began she’s got herself a little piece of heaven waiting for the time when Earth shall be as oneRay Of Light – Madonna ***ShannonH

9. “if peter piper pecked em I betcha biggie bust em he probably tried to fuck him I told him not to trust him lyrically I dust em off like Pledge hit hard like sledge-hammers bitch with that platinum grammer I am a diamond cluster hustler queen bitch supreme bitch kill a n***a for my n***a by any means bitch murder scene bitch clean bitch disease free bitchQueen Bitch – Lil’ Kim ***ShannonH

10. “to all the unheard wisdom in the schoolyard you think you’re the right ones you think you’re the charmed ones i’m sure how can you go on with such conviction and who do you think you are why do you question meCan’t Not – Alanis Morisette ***Phillip

11. “don’t wanna rush it let the rhythm pull you in it’s here so touch it you know what I’m saying and I haven’t said a thing keep the record playingSlow – Kylie Minogue ***ShannonH

12. “couldn’t have given you more, gave you everything. there wasn’t anything that you were denied but you should never give it all cuz sometimes there’s nothing left but bitterness & regret & it just ain’t worth it cuz then there’s the sudden change out of nowhere it seems never know I could be so mean but that’s just how far you pushed me you say it just isn’t fair & you didn’t know you need to take responsibility for your own cuz you’re grownGotta Go Gotta Leave – Vivian Green ***CrystalG

13. “pull the girl off the dance floor whisper in ear must’ve said somethin bout me cuz now she’s lookin over here you lookin at me with that sexy attitude but the way your girls movin’ it it puts me in the mood what would it take for you to just leave with me not trying to sound conceited but meeting you was destinyBoys – Britney & Pharrell ***ShannonH

14. “why do the good girls always want the bad boys so I pacify problems with kisses and cuddles diligently doubtful through all kinds of trouble then I find myself choking on all my contradictionsBathwater – No Doubt ***ShannonH

15. “I know were just like old friends we just cant pretend that lovers make amends we are reasons so unreal we cant help but feel that something has been lost but please you know youre just like me next time I promise we’ll bePerfect – Smashing Pumpkins ***CrystalG

Beyonce – Upgrade U
Ms. B’s current club banger. I would have preferred she release ‘Get Me Bodied’ next, but maybe she’s saving it for a summer anthem. That would be great. This one though, is hard, empowering, and has a hot rap from her mans. Enjoy!

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Catch You (Digital Dog Radio Mix)
So back in January I shared the original version. Since then the remixes leaked, and since then, me and a DJ friend have been rocking the Moto Blanco mixes… should have paid attention to the rest of them tho… because this is a hot one!

According to some reports, she is currently dating David Haye, a UK boxing champion, who allegedly helped her train for her last tour. Meet David…
And this is why, yet again, I’m jealous of the bitch!

Today, I give Captain America a break, to recognize one of Spider-Man’s lesser known proclivities…

So, a week after Tori drops her proverbial bomb on us, Bjork tramples all over us with her next album, Volta. The album promises to be a return to form for one of the greatest artist of our time. After 2-3 more serious (or dull) projects, the Icelandic bad-ass is back with an album with more beats, and even some help from Timbaland. I can’t wait. And thanks to xolondon for a peek at the alleged album cover. No one does crazy and colorful like Bjork!

More news on the album I’m salivating for…

Here’s the new alleged cover:
Fierce. Strange Little Girls anyone?

And here’s the tracklist:

Yo, George 1:25 *
Big Wheel 3:18
Bouncing Off Clouds 4:08
Teenage Hustling 4:00
Digital Ghost 3:50
You Can Bring Your Dog 4:04
Mr. Bad Man 3:18
Fat Slut 0:41 *
Girl Disappearing 4:00
Secret Spell 4:04
Devils and Gods 0:53 *
Body and Soul 3:56
Father’s Son 3:59
Programmable Soda 1:25 *
Code Red 5:27
Roosterspur Bridge 3:58
Beauty of Speed 4:08
Almost Rosey 5:23
Velvet Revolution 1:19 *
Dark Side of The Sun 4:16

Starred songs are interludes. Boys For Pele anyone? Word on the street is there’s lots more guitar on this album. Y Kant Tori Read anyone? I’ve heard clips of Secret Spell, Bouncing Off Clouds, & Big Wheel. Big Wheel sounds like alt-country, Bouncing Off Clouds sounds pretty, and Secret Spell sounds like the suckiest song on the album. Either way… May 1st baby! Also dailynibble has a stab at the lyrics, if you’re into reading them without the music.

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