Black Panther #25 – OOh… in this issue Storm battles Clor, the clone of Thor (yes that is kind of a lame nickname). But really, this could be the closest we’ll get to Storm ever battling the real thing, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.
Civil War: Frontline #11 – The war is over, and the tie-ins have almost dried up to. Hopefully in this issue we’ll get some resolution to the lingering story about war profiteering going on and if Iron Man is really motivated by dollar signs.
Dr. Strange: The Oath #5 – Here we are at the final issue of surprisingly fun and interesting mini-series. Great old-school-ish art, and an engaging story that just is what it is, and isn’t mired in sybmolism or continuity. If you haven’t read it yet, wait a month or two and definitely snag the trade paperback!
Eternals#7 – Last issue was so thrilling, plus an appearance by the Avengers. Hawt! Can’t wait to see the resolution of this story, and where the Eternals go from here!
Iron Man #15 – I’m not picking up Iron Man on the regular, now that the War is over, but I feel like this issue could have some interesting aftermath info, like what’s Tony gonna do now that he got his way, he’s the head of SHIELD, and he still seems like an asshole.
New Excalibur #17 – Well color me surprised. Claremont is back, and New Excalibur doesn’t suck anymore. Last issue was a touching & personal story for Claremont with Nocturne mysteriously having a stroke. Surprising, and so far, one of the best issues of the series yet.
Runaways #24 – This is it! The last issue with the original creative team before Joss Whedon and Michael Ryan take over next month. I can’t wait to see what happens with Chase, and if Gert is really going to be resurrected. And i’m nervous about Whedon coming on. If Runaways starts shipping as slowly as Astonishing X-Men, then I will be PISSED!
Wisdom #3 – This book is a fun and a little confusing. I’ll probably have to wait till I get the whole series and re-read it in one sitting and see if I can understand it more.
Wolverine #51 – Part two of Wolvie’s battle royal with Sabretooth. Last issue wasn’t as contrived as I thought it was going to be, and the art on the back-up story was gorgeous.
Wonder Man #3 – Cute little mino-series, nothing groundbreaking or out of this world, but cute. ANd appearances by Beast & Ms. Marvel never hurt!!
X-Factor #16 – Are you reading this book? You should be! This arc, Madrox is running around gathering up his stray dupes. This issue, he finds that one of his dupes has become a man of the cloth out in one of the square states. What to do!?
X-Men #196 – I wonder but their building toward with issue #200 merely 4 months away!! Last issue was a great story told backwards, and Rogue as team leader is one of the best moves in X-ville lately.