More then a decade ago, Kylie burst out with one of her greatest singles — EVER. ‘Confide In Me’ strongly proclaimed a new direction for our darling pop diva, a new sound, and to this day one of the freshest sounding songs ever. Just looked at how many times I’ve ripped off this track’s intro for my sound designs for local theatrical productions — seriously, I put it in both ‘Bat Boy: The Musical’ & ‘Grease’.

And then there’s the video. Fresh, Vivid, Unique. Kylie appears like an ad for an adult phone hotline. Looking tarty, bookish, and dominating, among other guises; while surrounded by bright backgrounds — imagine how successfulo this hotline could really be… talking dirty to Kylie. I use to think there was nothing like it.

And then a friend sent me a link to this ca-ca:

I don’t know if it’s an homage, a tribute, or a blatant rip-off — assuming the the European kids of today would have no memory of a classic 90’s video.

You be the judge. I’ve decided that ‘Rollergirl’ can’t come anywhere near the realness the Kylie gave in 1994. Word!

 Thanks to my boy JesseNewcomb for the Rollergirl tip-off.