Well… the day is finally here. The final issue of the Civil War mini-series is in stores now, and I am DYING to read it! The cover image has been seen as my blog header picture (it got bumped off today by Tori’s new album cover), but I’m adding it here for you all to enjoy!

Amazing Spider-Man #538 – I’ll probably stop picking up Spidey on the regular after this one, since it’s the end of the Civil War tie-in… unless they do something to suck me into this whole return of the black costume.
Cable & Deadpool #37 – So I was all ready to give up on C&DP until last issue really surprised me. Instead of all the heavy and convoluted storylines I’ve been reading, we’re in the middle of a very light and entertaining arc in which Deadpool is trying to make a new name for himself. This issue he tries to bring the pain to Rhino. Fun!
Catwoman #64 – I was ready to drop Catwoman too… since I mostly got it since the ex was all into Catwoman… but now she’s hunting down an object from Lex Luthor and I’m hooked!
Civil War #7 No words… must read… brain will explode…
New Avengers: Illuminati #2 – I love a good re-writing of history. It’s worked in the Bible for years… so why not in Marvel comics as well!?
Silent War #2 – Not bad so far, I had to do some research to find out that this pretty much picks up where Son of M left off, but that the Civil War will happen during the run of Silent War. Sort of makes sense… I think?
Wonder Woman #4 – This book ships so unbelievably slow, but when the books show-up… the story is good. Too bad the big talent out there can’t get their shit together!
X-Men: First Class #6 – This mini has been a little blah… but the guest stars have been great fun. This issue – the Original 5 battle the Skrulls. OOooh!!