It is with extreme fanboy glee that I share with you the joyous news I learned this morning…

Tori Amos (my second muse in a close neck & neck competition with Kylie as my favorite artist) has revealed the title and cover of her 9th studio album. ‘American Doll Posse” is set to be released on Tuesday, May 1st 2007. This is great news, as with all the turbulance in my personal life, I can use some solid angry chick music. And this album is slowly being hyped as a return to a more powerful Tori, and less of the happy-hippie music she has been cranking on her last 2 albums. A European tour follows the album, from late May to early July, and hopefully, the US tour will follow soon after, with no nearby dates conflicting with my schedule of work on ‘Angels In America: Perestroika’.

The cover is a new iconic image of Tori, standing in front of an average suburban house, with the Holy Bible in one hand and the word ‘SHamE’ written on the other. She is wearing high heels with a strap broken and blood running down her leg, a sparkly reddish dress, and what appears to be a wig with severe bangs. (All of this is probably important) A new look for Tori, and hopefully a powerful sound. I am most definitely, thrilled. More news as I hear it!!