Astonishing X-Men #20 – Ok. Joss Whedon is brilliant, and I’ve loved this series, but it’s shipping so slow, I can’t even follow the story. Issue #21 isn’t shipping until May, so I don’t know if it’s creative tardiness, or if they’re struggling to figure out what to do to find a replacement creative team. But really… the shipping schedule is obnoxious.
Exiles #91 – I’ve started picking up Exiles again. Psylocke has joined the team, and Chris Claremont has taken over the writing duties. I’m eager to see what he can do with a book that isn’t so stuck in continuity.
New Excalibur #16 – Claremont is supposed to be back on this onbe now too. He had to drop everything for some health issues, but appears to be better now as he’s back on 2 monthly books! Thinks might start looking up for this title.
New X-Men #35 – I’m actually enjoying this storyline so far. And only one death so far… the silly Mammomax.
Nextwave #12 – Sigh… the last issue of one of my new favorite books. It was so much fun, and now it’s going to end… damn!
Ultimate X-Men #79 – I’m VERY surprised at who they bumped off at the end of the Cable arc. Very surprised! And now we have some 2 issue fallout. Some folks are gonna be quitting the team. Hope it’s not everybody!