Irredeemable Ant-Man #5 – Our current Ant-Man battles who SHIELD intended to be Ant-Man. More back-story as to how the current story is happening. I’m really digging this non-linear story pattern, and can’t wait ot get more info on what happened months ago!
Midnighter #4 – This story has been one surprise after another, and I can’t guess what’s next as WildStorm’s mercenary mary may have to assassinate Hitler.
Ms. Marvel #12 – Ms. Marvel’s new status quo gets laid out this issue. Plus new cover artist, Greg Horn. Yay!
Uncanny X-Men #483 – So just how did Vulcan get hooked up with Deathbird & Lord D’Ken!? Ed Brubaker lets us know this month!
X-23: Target X #3 – Now Cap & Daredevil are getting involved!? Awesome!
X-Men Annual #1 – The back story and resolution of what’s going on with Northstar & Aurora. I’m looking forward to a story that’s gonna be told in only one issue!
X-Men: Phoenix Warsong #5 – The end of part 2 of the 3 part Phoenix mini-series’. Just what is going to happen to all the Cuckoos!? hmmmmm…