R & B today. Enjoy!

Best R & B Song
Mary. J Blige – Be Without You
Mariah Carey – Don’t Forget About Us
India.Arie – I Am Not My Hair
Prince – Black Sweat
Beyonce – Deja Vu

Mary is gonna get it this year. It seems to be her year, and the song isn’t bad. I would prefer Beyonce to win. As over-hyped as she is… Deja Vu was a blazin hot record. And they need to just forget about Mariah!

Best Female R & B Vocal
Mary J. Blige – Be Without You
Beyonce – Ring The Alarm
Natalie Cole – Daydreaming
India.Arie – I Am Not My Hair
Mariah Carey – Don’t Forget About Us

Mary should and most likely will win this one. Her song beats the competition, and I think the Grammy people want her to be the bell of the ball this year. Too bad James Blunt will probably be prom king. Yawn!

Best Male R & B Vocal
Luther Vandross – Got You Home
John Legend – Heaven
Prince – Black Sweat
Ne-Yo – So Sick
Lionel Richie – I Call It Love

I think Luther will win it, because of his death, so this is basically his last chance. I think John Legend and Prince would be my picks out of actual song merit. Both were very HOT records. Ne-Yo’s chances are very slim, but I think Lionel does stand some chance.

Best Urban Alternative
Gnarls Barkley – Crazy
Prince – 3121
Outkast – Idlewild Blue
Sergio Mendes & Erykah Badu – That Heat
Sergio Mendes & Black Eyed Peas – Mas Que Nada

I want Gnarls Barkley to win this one. The category is the best definition of their sound, and that song was one of the most refreshing things out their until it got overplayed! In reality, I think everyone nominated has pretty equal chances.

Best R & B Album
Mary J. Blige – The Breakthrough
Prince – 3121
Jamie Foxx – Unpredictable
Lional Richie – Coming Home
India.Arie – Testimony Volume 1: Life & Relationship

Mary could grab this one too. She is the Grammy darling. I’d rather since Prince grab it, since I’ll always have a soft spot for him. I think Jamie Foxx’s chances are very slim, but Lionel and India have good odds, one for the legacy vote, and the other is a Grammy darling too!

Best Contemporary R & B Album
Beyonce – B’Day
Kelis – Kelis Was Here
Janet – 20 Years Old
Chris Brown
Ne-Yo – In My Own Words

Beyonce will probably snag this one, and she should. That album was hot from top to toe. I think Chris & Ne-Yo are too new to register, and Kelis’ album was a little too scattered. And there is no reason on earth why Janet is nominated for any Grammy at all this year. She should be punished for making such a steaming turd of a record.