Some people have the SuperBowl, some have the Oscars.

I have the Grammys. I plop my ass down, and watch the whole sordid affair from the beginning to the end. It’s a real show; all sorts of musical performances; recognition of great musical works (or blatant ignoring of some of our most talented musicians); and all sorts of surprises along the way. So for the next week I’ll give a run-down of the categories I’m most interested in and my picks on who should and/or will win. Let me know what you think.

Today I’m focusing on the Dance area. The red-headed stepchild of the Grammies. No dance category has ever received an on-air win. They’re always given out in the ceremonies held “earlier in the evening”. Allt hey merit on the telecast isa blurb saying who won before they go to commercial. However I have a vested interest in this category, and this year is a good one.

Best Dance Recording (this is a song category)
Depeche Mode – Suffer Well
Pet Shop Boys – I’m With Stupid
Goldfrapp – Ooh La La
Madonna – Get Together
Justin Timberlake – SexyBack

Justin’s gonna win. Generally it goes to the most well known song in the category and that’s definitely ‘SexyBack’. In my perfect world, it would go to Goldfrapp. I ould even be pleased if Madonna won. God bless Depeche Mode for continuing to make music, but I don’ feel they’re a true dance band. Alternative rock, yes. And I’m not a Pet Shop Boys fan, and I don’t thin the Grammy powers that be will notice them either. Strange things could happen though, this is where Kylie won for ‘Come Into My World’ after all!

Best Dance Album
Pet Shop Boys – Fundamental
Paul Oakenfold – A Lively Mind
Zero 7 – The Garden
Madonna – Confessions On A Dancefloor
Goldfrapp – Supernature

I want Goldfrapp to win. I think they’re one of the hottest dance acts around now, and are even eclipsing Basement Jaxx as my favorite dance band. I think Madonna will get this one, or possibly even PSB… just cuz they’ve been around so long, and the Grammy’s tend to be an old boys club.

Best Remix Recording (this goes to the producer of the remix)
Freemasons mix of Beyonce ‘Deja Vu’
Moto Blanco mix of Mary J. Blige ‘Be Without You’
Thin White Duke mix of Coldplay ‘Talk’
E-Smoove Mix of Bob Sinclair ‘World on Hold’
Buick Project mix of Tiefschwarz & Tracey Thorn ‘Damage Thorn

I think the Freemasons will get it, even though I thought their mix of Deja Vu was no where near as good as most of their other remixes. Thin White Duke won 2 years ago, and they tend to not award mixers twice. I think Moto Blanco should win, as their mix for MJB was on fire!!

Best Sountrack Song
I’m also throwing this in, though it’s not dance, it doesn’t fit in with my other categories, and the Dance category is pretty brief.
Imogen Heap – Can’t Take It In (Narnia)
Dolly Parton – Travelling Through (Transamerica)
Mel Brooks – Nothing Like A Broadway Show (Producers)
Randy Newman – Our Town (Cars)
Melissa Etheridge – Need To Wake Up (Inconvenient Truth)

Technically, Dolly should win. She should have won the Oscar, and she should win this one, too. I really want Imogen Heap to win though, since she is such an overlooked genius. I really think any of these songs has a pretty good chance though.