sorry I’m all out of whack this week, playing catch up from my Miami trip (more on that later), but here’s 2 new songs for your enjoyment.
Two tracks from ‘We Are Glitter’ the tremendous remix album from my new favorite band – Goldfrapp. I got it for Christmas and have been all over this CD since then. I finally got around to ripping some of the longer remixes onto my computer, and editing them down to something that can play on the ipod more easily (like a radio edit, but better!). So here’s 2 of my favorites!

Goldfrapp – Slide In (DFA QB Edit)
For those of you who took my advice on the Rapture… you’ll love this mix!

Goldfrapp – Lovely 2 C U (T.Raumschmiere QB Edit)
Some rockin’ electro dirtiness for you. Enjoy it, and then go buy the CD! It’s an awesome blend of the dancefloor stormers and chillout ditties.