The Rules
Put your iTunes on random. Post lyrics from the first songs that play. Post it on your blog & let everyone guess the song & artist. When a song is guessed correctly, strike out the lyrics & post the title in bold. Looking the lyrics up on any search engine is cheating!! So, if you know the song – leave your guess in a comment. If you’re right, I’ll post your name (or link). Enjoy!

Be sure to check last week’s quiz! I’m not closing them out until all songs are guessed. I added some extra lyrics to see if that helps y’all out!

The Songs

1. “I got the urge to scream out pull out the bird let’s be out & I don’t know about you I got it popping like i’m suppose to do don’t hold your breath girls breathe out sweat out the perm pull your weave out & tell the world it’s time & that we going to love you & hurry scream out loudSay I – Christina Milian ***ShannonH

2. “if you, put 2 & 2 together you will see what our friendship is for oh if you can’t work this equation then I guess I’ll have to show you the door there is no need to say you love me it would be better left unsaidSay You’ll Be There – Spice Girls ***ShannonH

3. “I know she said it’s alright but you can make it up next time I know she knows it’s not right there ain’t no use in lying maybe she thinks I know something maybe maybe she thinks its fine maybe she knows something I don’t I’m so I’m so tired, I’m so tired of trying it seems to me that maybe it pretty much always means no so don’t tell me you might just let it go & often times we’re lazy it seems to stand in my way cuz no one no not no one likes to be let down I know she loves the sunrise no longer sees it with her sleeping eyes & I know that when she said she’s gonna try well it might not work because of other ties”

4. “tell me somthing good tell me tell me tell me tell me that you love me tell me something good tell me tell me tell me tell me that you like it, yeah got no time is what you’re known to say I’ll make you wish there were 48 hours to each day problem is you ain’t been loved like you should what i got to give will sure ’nuff do you goodTell Me Something Good – Pink (Rufus & Chaka Khan Cover) ***CrystalG

5. “lately I’m in to circuitry what it means to be made of you but not enough of you & I wonder if you can bilocate is that what I taste your supernova juice you know its true I’m a part of youBliss – Tori Amos ***ShannonH

6. “she gave you everything she had but she was young and dumb she’d just turned 21 she didn’t care to hang around so when the shit came down why she was nowhere to be found this life can turn a good girl bad she was the sweetest thing that you had ever seen you’re such a delicate boy in the hysterical realm of an emotional landslide in physical terms with your cherry lips & golden curls you could make grown men gasp when you’d go walking past them in your hot pants & high heels they could not believe that such a body was for realCherry Lips – Garbage ***Eric

7. “I’m glad you’re home & I think you really missed me I guess you did by the look in your eyes well lay back & relax while I put away the dishes then you and me can rock-a-bye you can songtitle songtitle you can songtitle songtitle the night is yound and full of possibilities”

8. “have you come here for forgiveness have you come to raise the dead have you come here to play Jesus to the lepers in your head well did I ask too much more than a lot you gave me nothing now it’s all I gotOne – Mary J. Blige & U2 ***ShannonH

9. “when I had you I treated you bad wrong my dear but since since you went away don’t you know I sit around with my head hanging down & I wonder who’s loving you ooh my first mistake was I wanted too much time I had to have him morning noon & night if I would of known then the things that I know now I might not have lost the time I complain aboutHold On – En Vogue   ***CrystalG

10. “heaven help me for the way I am save me from these evil deeds before I get them done I know tomorrow brings the consequence at hand but I keep livin this day like the next will never come oh help me but dont tell me to deny it I’ve got to cleanse myself of all these lies till I’m good enough for him I’ve got a lot to lose and I’m bettin high so I’m beggin youCriminal – Fiona Apple ***ShannonH

11. “it’s not the things you do that tease and wound me bad but it’s the way you do the things you do to me I’m not the kind of girl who gives up just like that oh noTide Is High – Blondie ***ShannonH

12. “just a castaway an island lost at sea another lonely day no one here but me more loneliness than any man could bear rescue me before I fall into despair I’ll send an SOS to the world I’ll send an SOS to the world I hope that someone gets my I hope that someone gets myMessage In A Bottle (Police Cover) – John Mayer ***EddieZ

13. “Steve walks warily down the street with the brim pulled way down low ain’t no sound but the sound of his feet machine guns ready to go are you ready are you ready for this are you hanging on the edge of your seat out of the doorway the bullets rip to the sound of the beat another 1 bites the dust another 1 bites the dust & another 1 gone & another 1 goneAnother One Bites The Dust – Queen ***CrystalG

14. “I saw you as you walked across my room you looked out the window you looked at the moon & you sat on the corner of my bed & you smoked with the ghost in the back of my head I don’t know & I don’t care if I ever will see you again I don’t know & I don’t care if I ever will be thereDo You Sleep – Lisa Loeb ***ShannonH

15. “you can call me a sinner but you can’t call me a saint celebrate me for who I am dislike me for what I ain’t put me up on a pedestal or drag me down in the dirt sticks & stones will break my bones but your names will never hurt I’ll be the garden you’ll be the snake all of my fruit is yours to take better the devil that you know your love for me will growLike It Or Not – Madonna ***EddieZ