Civil War: The Return #1 – The return of Thor? Nova? Captain Marvel? Apparently 2 heroes return in this one-shot. Can’t wait to see who!
Dr. Strange: The Oath #4 – This mini-series has turned out to be pretty fun, and I’m gonna be sad to see it go in a month or two. Hopefully more is planned for the good doctor soon!
Eternals #6 – This is it… the big finale. But I won’t be too sad, because due to overwhelming demand, an extra issue has been added next month, I guess as some sort of epilogue. Woohoo!!
Moon Knight #7 – I’ve never really read Moon Knight, so I’m sort of interested to see what his whole shtick is. And it’s a Civil War tie-in… so you know I’m there!
Punisher War Journal #3 – I guess we’re resolving Punny’s new status quo. His whole “kill all the bad guys” routine rubs Captain America the wrong way, so we’ll see where that leaves the Punisher as far as his alliance with the Anti-Registration folks!
Silent War #1 – I’m excited to see the resolution of the Inhumans waging war on Earth as a result of ‘Son of M’, but the solicitations say they’re fighting the Fantastic Four, but last I saw, the FF was all broken up. Hmmm…
Wolverine #50 – This is it kids, the be-all-end-all face-off between Wolvie & Sabretooth. Riveting battle royale, or shameless sales ploy. Time will tell.
X-Factor #16 – Madrox goes to collect his dupe that’s a SHIELD agent, and Monet & Siryn go shopping. God, I love this book!!