As some of you may recall, back in the summer, after the release of a Wal-Mart exclusive wave of Marvel Legends , I was very irate about the inavailability of a line of action figures at the nation’s largest retailer. To this day I have only found one actually in the stores, and had to pay just short of $40 to get the Ms. Marvel & Kitty Pryde figures from the Baltimore Comic Book Convention. Since then I have gotten more proactive in snapping up these figures whenever I can find them. My collection has grown significantly, and I did get VERY lucky in finding the recalled Scarlet Witch figure in the local Rite-Aid of all places!

In 2007, Marvel announced that Hasbro Toys (makers of GI Joe & My Little Pony) would be taking over the production and distribution of the Marvel Legends line, as well as most other Marvel Comics’ related toy lines, a step up from ToyBiz, another toy company, with widespread distribution issues. The first wave of the Marvel Legends under the new company were due to be out this month. The figures look pretty sweet, adding Emma Frost, Beast (X3 Movie version), Banshee, Hercules, Ultimate Iron Man, & Planet Hulk to the Marvel Legends roster. The re-vamp also features new packaging, that may be missing a bonus comic book (like the Toybiz lines had), but appear much easier to open, and still includes pieces of a larger ‘build-a-figure’ (this time of the Fantastic 4 villain Annihilus). Things were looking up for my favorite toys. That was until one of the largest toy companies in the world became seemingly unable to ship action figures to the state of Maryland.
I have been to 3 different Targets, 1 Toys-R-Us, and 2 Wal-Marts searching for these new toys. The stores have all re-done their toy sections in the calm after the Christmas storm. And every store has had 5-15 empty pegs with labels touting the placement of Marvel Legends. And in each store there stands an empty section where my toys are supposed to be. So my question is … What. The. Fuck?

I just wanna waste my hard earned money on some child-ish junk, and damn the man for blocking me from my dreams. I’ve heard tales from other fans in other parts of the country who have had luck finding them and are mostly pleased with the new toys. So what am I doing wrong? Has some greater dork gone through every toy store and bought them out before us lesser dorks get a crack-a-lak at them? Or is Hasbro just more inept than ToyBiz in their shipping procedures? Because clearly, the stores, and this fan, are more than ready for them.

Hasbro has an online store on their website, but of course, the Marvel Legends are not available there. And I hate trying to buy this type of thing on eBay, because those bastard people are only looking to rip you off by overcharging on a $9 action figure, and then heavily padding the “shipping” charges. So I’m stuck. And pissed. And it sucks.

Otherwise, life is great. I’m leaving for Miami for a long weekend with my best friend tomorrow, and work is busy but fine. If Hasbro would quit being fuck-ups, I’d have much less to complain about. Thanks for reading!