Kylie has a had a really varied career as an actress. Damn good thing she has that little singing career to fall back on. She rose to fame on the Aussie soap ‘Neighbours’, and her acting career has been patchy since then.
Her first movie, ‘The Delinquents’ was mostly a cash-in on her rising celebrity. I haven’t seen it yet, as it never received an US release, but it was trashed by the critics. It was a hit in the UK & OZ, and Kylie played a young teenager in the 50’s who’s relationship with her boyfriend was doomed by their parents. Sounds groundbreaking to me!
After a 5 year break, Kylie tried to be an action star in ‘Street Fighter: The Movie’. I got this one in the $5 bin at Walmart, and it’s practically unwatchable. Bad bad bad. Kylie’s bad, Raul Julia’s bad, the script, the everything. BAD!
After 2 years, Kylie appeared in a Pauly Shore movie, ‘Bio-Dome’. While critically panned, I’m fond of the stoner-fluff-comedies, and Kylie was just fine in this one. Nothing groundbreaking, but it was nice to see her on the screen.
During the gap between her recording contracts in the late 90’s, Kylie appeared in 2 films, ‘Cut’, a decent slasher flick, & ‘Sample People’ an Aussie indie about club culture. ‘Cut’ I just saw and Kylie’s role was akin to Drew Barrymore’s in ‘Scream’. She played a great bitch, but died before anything really happened in the movie. I’ve yet to see ‘Sample People’ as it too never got a US release, but it’s scored some lukewarm reviews, and though Kylie is billed as the star, her character is not quite that pivotal.
Again taking the less-is-more approach, Kylie appeared in one of the best movies ever, ‘Moulin Rouge’, with a cameo as the Green Fairy. Nothing groundbreaking, but at least something well received for the resume.
Kylie’s most recent stab at movies was the voice of Florence in ‘The Magic Roundabout’ (which was released in the US as ‘Doogal’ with all the voices re-recorded except Kylie, Ian McKellan, & Judi Dench… pretty decent company). Not a bad movie, yet not a great one.

So you see… very hit or miss, but not so bad as say… Madonna. I’m just waiting for her to get a really terrific role and dazzle everyone. I know it can happen!