I was tagged by ModFab to have a go at this and it sounded fun!

QUESTION: If your life is a movie, what songs are on the soundtrack?

Here’s how it works:
1. Open iTunes
2. Put it on shuffle and press play
3. For every question, type the song that’s playing
4. Make up a Title and choose your Cast

Title: See You Next Tuesday

Ryan Reynolds (as toonsNtunes)
Chris Evans (as Jesus)
Maggie Gyllenhaal (as shannon h)

Directed by: John Waters

Opening Credits: “Party Out of Bounds”, The B-52’s
Not what I would pick, but going by the rules, I’m not opposed to it. It would have the feeling of all those John Hughes opening credits… maybe some sort of picture montage. If I had a choice I would have Tori Amos singing “Better The Devil You Know” just like Kylie, in the same vein as Ani DiFranco singing “Wishin & Hopin” for ‘My Best Freiend’s Wedding”

Waking Up: “It Can’t Come Quickly Enough”, Scissor Sisters
Another interesting choice. It would happen in the same slow motion/fast forward of my morning routine slowly rising from bed and creeping to the bathroom to the shower. When the beat comes in, the montage speads up through the rest of my morning routine, and then slowing down again for traffic, etc. Cue the flashbacks:

First Day At School: “Lullaby”, Dixie Chicks
Whoa, this is a great choice. A little more upbeat and happy then my overall view of childhood, but I guess Hollywood can take over… a gorgeous song, I think to accompany the early years my mom and I struggled in the Single Mom and Son post divorce world.

Falling In Love: “Impressive Instant (Rauhofer Rocket Remix)”, Madonna
I guess I fall in love in the club. Never really happened for me. Maybe fell in lust… Mostly I just danced. Oh well… I do enjoy the song. Maybe a montage of me meeting all the bad peope and then just going home and screwing them and never hearing from them again. My promiscuous phase.

Fight Song: “Black Girls”, Violent Femmes
Heh… I like that. It’s not a fight song, but I’m generally anti-violence, so if there’s gonna be a fight scene, why not choreograph it into a campy rock-a-billy showstopper. Plus there’s some extended instrumental bits to show a huge brawl.

Breaking Up: “Bug-A-Boo (Refugee Camp Remix)”, Destiny’s Child
Ha Ha Ha!!!! That’s fucking’ hysterical. I love it. And the beat is so hot I can see a great montage of storming down the street and fuming. I dunno how the latin breakdown in the bridge would work… but oh well!

Prom: “Where Has The Love Gone (Roach Motel Mix)”, Kylie Minogue
I guess I see whoever I just broke up with at prom… and while it’s a little melancholy, I’m determined to dance it off!

Life: “Indian Flute”, Timbaland & Magoo
I love this song, but I don’t see how about a mellow rap about cheating with an Indian chick fits into my life story. I dated an Indian guy once, but he was really dull.

Mental Breakdown: “Half-Assed”, Ani DiFranco
Hmmm… I could get behind that…. I see lots of scenes of smoking and rain and weary self-reflection. Yeah… as thee song plays in the background and would TOTALLY use this!!

Driving: “Home Life”, John Mayer
I used to play this cd for long drives all the time. I like the message, and I think after a big heartache/meltdown scene, I drive away, to renew my search for settling down.

Flashback: “Tear In Your Hand”, Tori Amos
Hmmm… not bad. I think it’s more a of a break-uppy song… but i thinnk it was a good flashback vibe and really… Tori has been on the soundtrack of my life since 7th grade…

Wedding: “Don’t Make Me Love You Till I’m Ready”, Christina Aguilera
Hmmm… i guess this would be the theme for the cold feet montage. Hopefully after getting all anxious I come around at the last minute. I’m sure I’ll make the right choice!

Birth of Child: “Naughty Girl”, Richard Cheese
A completely nonsensical song choice…perhaps underscoring how ridiculous it is that I would ever have a child. (as said by ModFab… and I completely agree… maybe some trippy montage about the affects of how us gays jump in the sack so quick)

Final Battle: “Did It Again (Did It 4 Times Mix)”, Kylie
I think, it would be more of a cerebral battle… but this song would work. It’s my favorite Kylie song, but in real life I would pick the far superior “Razor & Guido Mix” and really kick the movie into high gear.

Death Scene: “I Want You”, Janet Jackson
Seriously!? I guess maybe the movie take a really campy and in bad taste turn, and I die early, and this song plays as I ascend up into heaven and meet my one true love — Jesus. I think this movie is all of a sudden being directed by John Waters.

Funeral Song: “Save The Last Dance For Me”, Michael Buble
I shit you not, this is what the iPod gave me. I guess someone at the funeral really misses me. O maybe in further bad taste, Jesus lets me come back a week later, like he did, to have one last shout with my friends, but I still have to come back to him. Oh my God… this is in such bad taste. I love it.

End Credit: “End of The Road”, Me First & The Gimme Gimme’s
Ha Ha. ANother ridiculous joke. I think my end credits would be revolutionary. Of course there would be a quick gag reel during the first minute when the song is all slow, but when it kicks up into it’s punk throwdown, I see crazy colors and stuff for the rest of the credits.

That was fun… I dunno who should do it next… would you watch this movie?