Not a long list today, but I have some exciting comic book movie news today. As if the ‘Iron Man’ movie wasn’t exciting enough, especially with Jon Favreau as the director, and Robert Downey Jr. & Terrence Howard in the cast, Marvel has revealed today that Gwyneth Paltrow has joined the cast as Pepper Potts, Iron Man/Tony Stark’s personal assistant and moral advisor. This movie has so much promise going for it, I hope it doesn’t turn into the ‘Hulk’, where there was so much talent that it fell far below expectations! Yay Gwyneth!!


Cable & Deadpool #36 – For some reason I’m still picking up this title. It’s not the top of my to-read list, but it’s been entertaining for now. This issue starts off an arc for Deadpool to start confronting his personal demons and immoral past. We’ll see how it goes, but I may not be grabbing this book for long.
Fantastic Four #542 – Last issue was a nice trip down memory lane to a simpler time when heroes & villains could duke it out with minimal property damage, then solve their issues easily when the Thing got tapped by some French heroes to assist them. While that was sweet, I’m really anxious to see what’s going on with the Fantastic 4, being basically dissolved by the Civil War. Mr. Fantastic is co-leader of the Pro-Registration front in the Civil War, while Invisible Woman & Human Torch haved opted to go Anti-Reg, while the Thing has simply defected, & is staying in France, instead of choosing a side. So where does that lead the Fantastic 4?
Ultimate X-Men #78 – This is it, the conclusion of the Ultimate Cable saga. Someone’s going to die, and it looks like 1 or 2 people may leave the team. Robert Kirkman has reallly hit his stride on this title, and it’s once again an exciting read.
Wisdom #2 – The first issue was exciting, if not a little confusing. We continue on with this little adventure of Pete Wisdom and his team of British Intelligence oddballs clearing up all sorts of bizarre ruckus. It’s like James Bond on acid, with a lot more cursing going on.
X-Men: First Class #5 – This issue has me excited… the X-kids team up with… THOR!!! Woo-hoo!!