I’ll need it tonight. I’m going on my first audition in almost 2 years. Fell’s Point Corner Theatre is presenting “Burn This” by Lanford Wilson this March-April. I read the play in college and knew that there was a great role for me in this if I ever got the chance. I initially was going to pass up the oppurtunity, but some travel plans for March have changed, so now I’m available (if I even get cast).
I haven’t been in a show since December 2005, and I’ve been itching to get back on stage. 2005 was a busy year for me as far as theatre goes, I was always working on a show, slowly burning myself out, and by the end of the year I needed a break. Halfway through 2006 I was ready to get onstage again, but I wasn’t going to just do a show to do a show, I was going to wait for something that I really wanted to go out for.
So I’ve been keeping an eye out for local theatre schedules and audition notices, but the right role in the right show hadn’t come along yet. Until this one. I read the play in college and just re-read it last night, and it’s a really stirring story, simple, yet rivetting. I’m going out for the part of Larry, a supporting character, who’s the gay roommate of the main character, Anna. He gets some great lines, but still comes across as one of the anchors of the play.
So at 7:00 tonight, I’ll be running down to Fells Point to go on my first audition in years. I miss the days of pre-casting, but then again, some of the best things come from hard work. At least it’s cold reads, and not monologues, because I sure have forgotten every monologue I’ve ever memorized. So wish me luck (but don’t say “Good Luck” cuz that’s bad luck you know) as I try and shake things up. Whoo-hoo!!