I’m feeling some Tori Amos today. And since I’ve been a big fan since high school, here’s some rarities!

Back in the 80’s, shiny happy Myra Ellen Amos recorded a little ditty as an ode to Baltimore, my current hometown, and not actually hers at all. She was born in North Carolina, and raised in Rockville, Maryland. But I guess the struggling artist needs recognition somehow. And this song did get her recognition from the Baltimore mayor. Yay city spirit!

Sweet The Sting (Live in London)
This one was recorded on her Original Sinsuality World Tour which spawned the Official Bootlegs series of discs. On her London stop, she got the gospel choir who appeared on a few tracks on ‘The Beekeepr’ album to join her on stage. I whittled out some of the chatter on this one so it’s just the song. Enjoy!