Here’s a new feature I’ll be adding infrequently.

The video is B.O.N. (Band Ohne Namen) – Boys.

Years ago I used to be a VJ (it’s like a DJ, but instead of records or cd’s, I played music videos) at a club in DC called Omega. It was one of my most favorite part time jobs ever. I started as the Tuesday night VJ, which is a good way to get started… but not the best idea to have the youngest employee in the building in charge of the flashback/80s night. I love older music, but I don’t know it as well as I should have. Then I got moved to Wednesdays, which was just playing hit music. I was much better at that, and I stayed there for almost 2 years, until I moved to Baltimore, and the commute was just too much for a work night. However I have fond memories, and this video is one of them.

It’s one of the most bizarre videos for what would be just another bubblegum pop song. I’m also disappointed I couldn’t find the uncensored version with unblurred naked boy butts. So this song was never really a hit in the US, and they were only nominally successful worldwide… however this German boy band was very popular in the gay video bars with this sexy little video. It was hard to track down at first, as we never new the band or the song title, but we new it as the video with the naked boys and the crazy nuns. Try asking your VJ that question? However once I found it, it became a staple! And I was so amused to find it on youtube the other day! Enjoy!