It was quite a year for my little comic books. No real ‘worst of’ here because… at least with the funny books… I don’t like to dwell on the bad.


Civil War
Marvel knocked the huge company crossover right out of the park! The imaginary US Government came up with the Superhero Registration Act, wherein all superheroes would have to register their secret identities and work for the government. Iron Man leads the faction of heroes who are willing to register and see it as the natural progression, Captain America leads the heroes who believe this is an attack on their civil liberties. All of the crossovers into other titles have been fantastic, even on titles I didn’t read like ‘Thunderbolts’ or ‘Heroes For Hire’. I was especially impressed with the Wolverine tie-in. For a X-Men title I have a love/hate relationship with, I thought the ‘Vendetta’ arc was beautifully drawn and very well written. The mini-series itself has been truly inspired genius. The fake-out return of Thor, the heart-wrenching break-up of Mr. Fantastic & the Invisible Woman, the death of Goliath. Only 2 issues left in 2007, and there’s still no indication of what could happen. I CANNOT WAIT TO FIND OUT!!

It pains me to recognize this book as a favorite, when we’re just 1 issue away from it’s final issue. One year is apparently all we’ll get, with rumours of some mini-series follow-ups down the road, but the 1 year we got was an awesome ride.

Walking Dead/Marvel Zombies
Zombies were hot hot hot this year. Walking Dead has been simmering for a year or 2 now, and this year I got into it through the amazing trade paperbacks. It’s an epic story, so emotionally charged, I’m usually surprised I’m reading a ‘horror’ title. The writer, Robert Kirkman, landed himself a few gigs at Marvel as a result. One of them was ‘Marvel Zombies’ a sleeper hit that was SUCH a fun read. Viscious monster versions of all your favorite Marvel characters, but still with a touch of humor to the whole thing. Some follow-ups are planned for 2007. Goody!!

Ms. Marvel
Usually a second tier Marvel heroine, Carol Danvers was given a new crack at a solo title, and it has been incredible so far. She’s decided to take the bull by the horns and fully live up to her superhero potential glimpsed at in the ‘House of M’. Since then we’ve had run-ins with the Brood, Dr. Strange, ROGUE!!!, and a great 3 issue tie in to the Civil War with an emotional run-in with Arachne (Spider-Woman II). So much more is on the way for her in 2007, I can’t wait to see what happens with the lady who has become my most favorite non-X-Men character.

New Avengers/Young Avengers
The Avengers are kicking ass this year. Young Avengers showed the kids teaming up with the old folks and kicking some alien ass, a gay super-couple, and the revelation about the Scarlet Witch’s children. New Avengers gave us a dynamite Civil War tie-in, Ms. Marvel joining the team, and the marriage of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Good times, and more ahead with 2007 bringing us a 3rd Avengers title ‘Mighty Avengers’ pencilled by the incredible Frank Cho who I had the great priviledge of meeting at the Baltimore Comic-Con!

Uncanny X-Men/X-Factor
These were my 2 favorite X-titles of the year. The 2 main X-titles got a creative recharge with all new creative teams, and ‘Uncanny’ moved to the front as my favorite (even though [no adjective] X-Men showed a team lead by Rogue, it still needs another few issues to hit it’s stride), with Marvel trusting Ed Brubaker to take a small team of X-Men on a 12 issue voyage into the far reaches of space to tie up some loose ends with the Shi’ar and the Summers family. Over half-way through, and the story has continually maintained a great pace and unparallelled storytelling. ‘X-Factor’ finally got realunched last year and has been continually dazzling me as each month goes by. Astonishing X-Men was bogged down by a slow shipping schedule, New X-Men was a little too violent, and New Excalibur has been having trouble finding a voice with Chris Claremont’s illness. I still love them all, but these two were my favorites for the year!

And here’s what’s got me all moist like a snack cake for 2007:
Civil War (conclusion) – Who will win, who will lose, and how will it fuck or fix the Marvel universe for years to come!?
Silent War – The Inhumans are waging war on Earth all because that bastard Quicksilver stole the Terrigen Mists, the rocks that give the Inhumans their powers. Let’s just hope Black Bolt can stay silent!
Thor – The blond bitch is coming back… hopefully before summertime!
Runaways – An already incredible series is being taken over by Joss Whedon, who mastered the teenage voice for years on Buffy. As long as he keeps his shit on time, I can’t wait!
Midnighter – I’m really enjoying the beginnings of what could be a great title about Wildstorm’s resident gay bad-ass motherfucker!

Oh, AND, Marvel Legends, the action figures you all heard me ranting about months ago, have switched distributors, and in 2007 they start being handled by Hasbro, who seem to have some great things in store, like better packaging, official webstore, and line-ups including X3 movie figures, Emma Frost, She-Hulk, & Marvel Girl. Haven’t seen them in real life yet, but the online phots are great.