UPDATE 1/22/07: All but 3… not bad kids!! newie on the way soon!

The Rules
Put your iTunes (or the like) on random. Post lyrics from the first songs that play. Post it on your blog & let everyone guess what song & artist the lyrics are from. When a song is guessed correctly, strike out the lyrics & post the title in bold. Looking the lyrics up on any search engine is cheating!!
So, if you know the song – leave your guess in a comment. If you’re right, I’ll post your name (or link). Enjoy!

The Songs

1. “I ain’t sorry for the way i feel I know you think I’m being insincere from the way I’m treating you I never wanted to be so unkind the only one thing on my mind is just kicking it with you girl baby it’s not the way I feel you know you must believe me baby it’s not part of the deal (oh no no)baby when the lights go out every single word can not express the love & tendernessWhen The Lights Go Out – 5ive ***ShannonH & FliteBoy

2. “you better stop the things you do I ain’t lyin no I aint lyin you know I can’t stand it you’re runnin around you know better daddy I cant stand it cause you put me down I put a spell on you because you’re mine” I Put A Spell On You – Nina Simone

3. “I’m not ashamed of the things that I dream I find myself flirting with the verge of obscene into the unknown I will be bold & go to new places I can be out of control & I don’t want to explain tonight all the things I’ve tried to hide I shut myself out from the world so I can draw the blinds & I’ll teach myself to fly I love myself it’s not a sin I can’t control what’s happeninTouch of My Hand – Britney Spears ***ShannonH & FliteBoy

4. “I used to be a little boy so old in my shoes & what I choose is my choice whats a boy supposed to do the killer in me is the killer in you my love I send this smile over to you disarm you with a smile & leave you like they left me here to wither in denialDisarm – Smashing Pumpkins ***CrystalG

5. “well he lit you up like amber waves in his movie show he fixed you up real good till I dont know you anymore from ballet class to a lap dance straight to video & the pool side news was that he would be launching youAmber Waves – Tori Amos ***ShannonH

6. “it’s all an illusion there’s too much confusion I’ll make you feel better if it’s bitter at the start then it’s sweeter in the endGet Together – Madonna ***ShannonH

7. “so go ahead & get gone & call up on that chick & see if she is home oops I bet ya thought that I didn’t know what did you think I was putting you out for cuz you was untrue rolling her around in the car that I bought you baby you dropped them keys hurry up before your taxi leavesIrreplaceable – Beyonce ***CrystalG

8. “now if we had the power to bring our neighbors home from war they would have never missed a Christmas no more ribbons on their door when you trust your television what you get is what you got cuz when they own the information ooh they can bend it all they wantWaiting On The World To Change – John Mayer ***ShannonH

9. “I’m going out with guys that I don’t wanna go to places that I been before they pitching the same game ha boy it’s a damn shame how I wish it was you callin’ me I want it to be you holdin’ me boy it needs to be you kissin’ me cuz it’s like a see-saw when it comes to your loveI Want You – Janet Jackson ***FliteBoy

10. “And there are some who say there are so many things I need so I run or I fight & I crawl or I scream & I bleed I bleed I bleed its a lie its a lie dont you believe it if youre fine then youre fine its all how you see it oh there never will be no conspiracy of happinessOn A High – Duncan Sheik ***FliteBoy

11. “people listen attentively I mean about future calamity I used to think the idea was obsolete until I heard the old man stamping his feet this is a place where eternally fire is applied to the body teeth are extruded & bones are ground then baked into cakes which are passed around” Hell – Squirrel Nut Zippers

12. “if you cant feed your baby yeah yeah then dont have a baby yeah yeah & dont think maybe yeah yeah if you cant feed your baby yeah yeah you’ll be always tryin to stop that child from cryin hustlin stealin lyin now babys slowly dyinWanna Be Startin Something (my ringtone right now) – Michael Jackson ***CrystalG

13. “after the date I wouldn’t go home with you I wouldn’t put my heels in the air for you you tried to get me to do things I just won’t do last I heard from you ere is how I guess the story goes you woulda came if I was a ho fuck for parts that’s just not how I roll move it on down the road” Last To Know – Pink

14. “they shake your hand & they smile & they buy you a drink they say well be your friends well stick with you till the end ah but everybodys only looking out for themselves & you say well who can you trust I’ll tell you its just nobody else’s money money changes everything money changes everything we think we know what were doin we dont pull the stringMoney Changes Everything – Cyndi Lauper ***ShannonH

15. “listen your true beauty’s description looks so good that it hurts you’re a dime plus 99 and it’s a shame don’t even know what you’re worth everywhere you go they stop and stare cuz you’re bad and it shows from your head to your toes out of control baby you knowLet Me Love You – Charlotte Church (Mario cover) ***FliteBoy