Kylie debuted in the music world in 1987. At the time she was a star of the popular Australian soap opera, ‘Neighbours’. She came out with a cover of the 60’s hit, ‘The Locomotion’, that took the world by storm. By 1988 she had hit #2 in the UK and #3 in the US. Her debut album, ‘Kylie’, became quite popular worldwide, and she had her first taste of international superstardom. The hits ‘I Should Be So Lucky’, ‘It’s No Secret’, ‘Got To Be Certain’, & ‘Je Ne Sa Pas Pourquoi’ soon followed, and led up to her next album, ‘Enjoy Yourself’ followed soon after. The album failed to make a mark in the US, but met massive popularity in the rest of the world. These two albums are both chock full of 80’s pop perfection, but Kylie, increasing to legend status, always followed the times, and her music never remained stuck in the 80’s, like many of her peers, ie. Bananarama, Rick Astley, or Nicki French.

She was, however, an 80’s fashion victim. And the pictures remain to prove it. Read on, and be ready to cringe!
LOVE the big belt and huge rolled up sleeves! You should be so lucky to never have to wear that outfit again!
Her hair is versatile, and can even add flair to a hat! (That’s right, it ain’t feathers, kids!)
And on ‘Neighbours’, they not only made her marry her co-star on the show, Jason Donovan, who had a LOVELY 80’s mullet, but publicists made her date him in in real life. They even recorded a duet that went to #1. Oh yeah… and he’s GAY!

Now to see it all in action, I give you the video for ‘Got To Be Certain’. The outfits get worse with every shot! Viewer beware!!