Today I give you a villain who’s hatred of post-WWI society, lead him to a brief life of crime.


Turner was the son of a millionaire’s chauffer, who was raised in hiding, with a strict adherence to the life and times of the early 1900’s America. When he got to come out in the real world he was disgusted by the changes in society. He motivated his villainous career with trying to destroy the current society, and re-fashion it in the way Daddy taught him was right.

That’s right, we was the 1980’s comic book version of George W. Bush and the Christian Coalition. He had no real superpowers to speak of, but he had a flying tandem bike (co-pilotted by his dummy/girlfriend), and a parasol that turned into a flamethrower. He’s been thwarted by Spider-Woman, Spider-Man, and Captain America; and eventually killed by Scourge.

But you can’t keep a good bitch down, Turner was cloned by Arnim Zola, only to be killed again by Deadpool. Fortunately for us, Arnim has the capability to re-clone this dud. One can only hope!