Only a couple this week… and I’ll be picking them up this weekend.


Blade #5 – Another Civil War crossover… I’ve never really read Blade, so it’ll be interesting to see. Everyone’s favorite sales-booster, Wolverine, will be showing up, and the cover looks Fantastic!! (Those are Wolvie’s going right through Blade’s head!!)
New Excalibur #15 – The conclusion to the Juggernaut storyline. WIll he turn good or bad?? Time for Frank Tieri to tie up all his loose ends so Chris Claremont can return next month.
New X-Men #34 – The saga of X-23 continues. So far the story in New X-Men has been building off of things revealed in the X-23 mini-series. Not a bad read so far!
Runaways #23 – So many things building until Whedon takes over with issue #25. I’m torn between creative teams, but excited for both!
Wonder Man: My Fair Superhero #2 – A fun little mini about Wonder Man trying to reform some dirty criminal. With appearances by Beast & Ms. Marvel, how can I say no!?