Today’s reason is very of the moment.


On Monday in the UK, Kylie is realeasing the 2-CD live album of her current tour. The Showgirl Homecoming Tour is a very dear one. Her Showgirl Tour was cancelled midway through after Kylie was diagnosed with breat cancer. Ever the fighter and loyal to her fans, Kylie refused to cancel the dates, and put the remainder of the tour on hiatus, until she was healed. In summer of 2006, she announced that not only was the tour back on the books, but that it would be totally re-vamped, and 2 more weeks would be added in London and Manchester. The tour, being such a delight, is now being released on CD around the world. No date is set in the US yet, but I’m hoping it might happen in early February, as that is when it is getting released in Canada. The DVD will follow in the spring, hopefully accompanying the debut single for her new album. That tracklisting has been a little hard to pin down but read on to see what is going to be included. It appears that the only songs being omitted are instrumental interludes between sets allowing for Kylie to make some of her fabulous costume changes.

CD1 –
Better The Devil You Know
In Your Eyes
White Diamond (Her new song written with the Scissor Sisters)
On A Night Like This
What Do I Have To Do (both Shocked & WDIHTD are a part of a medley, so expect to hear bits of other songs)
Spinning Around (a mash-up with ‘Finally’ by CeCe Peniston)
Confide In Me
Cowboy Style
Too Far (expect to hear ‘Finer Feelings’ as a medley with this or ‘Cowboy Style’)
Red Blooded Woman/Where The Wild Roses Go

CD2 –
Kids (recorded on the second night as a duet… with BONO of U2!!)
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Come Into My World (as a ballad)
I Beleive In You
Burning Up/Vogue (a mash-up with the rap from the Madonna mega-hit)
I Should Be So Lucky
Hand On Your Heart (re-vamped)
Can’t Get Yu Out Of My Head
Light Years/Turn It Into Love
Especially For You (a duet with the audience!)
Love At First Sight

I can’t wait to get my paws on this tasty little morsel. To any international readers, be sure to check when in January or February this release is scheduled.

And Kylie, congratulatiions on your first widely released live album, and I can’t wait for your new album!!!