I don’t do a lot of talking about movies on here. It’s tricky to get to the movie theatre to see em all (and pricey), and usually i’m satisfied with waiting for the DVD on netflix. However, here are my highlights. You’ll also notice… it’s a lot more craptastic then all of the official best of lists out there. A film critic, I’m not!!

10: Adam & Steve
Normally I hate gay cinema. I’m not self-loathing, it’s just that usualy gay indies have no budget and inexperienced writers, and usually the film ends up as basically, a suck-fest. This movie was a surprise though. Chris Kattan was as funny as always, Parker Posey is a goddess of the screen, and the actual plot of the story was stimulating.

9: V for Vendetta/Silent Hill
I know, you can’t believe I’d name these two movies together but hear me out. V For Vendetta is an obvious choice because it’s not only a comic book movie, but a well done, intellectual thriller. People who don’t read comics loved this movie. Silent Hill, was derived from a video game; and a lot of people thought is was AWFUL. I loved it. The best way to see it was in the theatre because honestly, the sound was INCREDIBLE. I’m a movie-goer who goes for entertainment. I don’t usually notice things like costume, set, sound, etc. But this one I did, it sounded like you where there in this nightmare. And, the movie actually creeped me out a bit, which is rare in a horror movie.

8: Running With Scissors/Devil Wears Prada
I’m combining these because I was excited to see the movies, enjoyed the books, but they both fell a little short. I wanted more of the book to happen in Running with Scissors, and felt they did too much ‘Hollywood’ to the script. In Devil Wears Prada… I simply wanted them to be bitchier. So both were a little disappointing, but still fun to go see. I’ll own them when the price comes down.

7: Prairie Home Companion
I’ll start off and say Lindsey Lohan was the weakest link. That out of the way, never has 2 hours of nothing been so entertaining. A stellar cast (minus LiLo) including some of my favorites – Lily Tomlin, Meryl Streep, & John C. Reilly.

6: Strangers With Candy
Just as much fun as the show, just longer, and they cuss more. Amy Sedaris is beyond under-rated, and Sarah Jessica Parker’s cameo was hilarious.

5: Thank You For Smoking
I was expecting more dumb humor, and instead got fascinating, intellectual satire. Great cast, very surprised! I was expecting ‘American Dreamz’ to be in the same realm of greatness, but was mostly disappointed with that one.

4: Little Miss Sunshine
Everyone saw it, everyone laughed their ass off. I don’t really need to explain much. If you haven’t seen it yet, hurry the hell up!

3: Happy Feet
I knew I had to see this movie when I saw the preview with a little baby rapping penguin. I was not disappointed. I even got the rare thrill of seeing this on an IMAX screen in Baltimore. So worth it. Brittany Murphy has a surprisingly great singing voice, and the animation was top-notch. Plus, the huge animated penguin musical spectacular of ‘Boogie Wonderland’ In the middle of the movie was worth the $10 bucks right there!

2: Clerks 2
I am a total Kevin Smith groupie and his first sequel didn’t disappoint. I laughed until I cried (a rarity for movies) and then I laughed some more. Most people won’t get his humor, but I’m right in there for his target audience. The strong sentiment of the bond between best friends was especially touching, and I’m glad I got to see it with mine. (cue the ‘Awwwwwww’)

1: X-Men: The Last Stand
Fuck the nay-sayers!!! I was a worthless drooling fan-boy all 3 times I saw this movie in the theatres. It had action, humor, drama, terrific special effects, and Halle Berry finally didn’t suck. And I can separate the 2 mediums, and not expect the movie to match up to the comic, so I could enjoy and accept all the death, depowering, and missing characters. The dork in me got to finally see the Danger Room, a Sentinel, Kitty Pryde & Dark Phoenix on the big screen. I home y’all stuck around for the surprise post-credits endding add-on. SOOOOOOO much fun.

So that was my year in movies. A bunch of huge movies are missing since they’re in my netflix queue or not even on DVD yet. But that’s what I liked so far!

Oh and here’s the bad:
The Omen (hoped it wouldn’t suck), The Da Vinci Code (great book = disappointing movie), Stay Alive (why did I bother), Hollywoodland (Adrien Brody was surprisingly good, the movie was about 40 minutes too long though), When A Stranger Calls (no surprise I was forced by nieces and nephews), & The Black Dahlia (sounded good, but I dunno which was worse – Hilary Swank or Josh Hartnett – who’s flat delivery was rivalled only by his flat naked ass)

And here’s what has me excited for 2007:
Spider-Man 3, Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer, Sin City 2, (no surprises there), Shrek 3, Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix, Stardust (Neil Gaiman is the man), Day of the Dead (I love the Zombies), & Queen of Media (Lil’s Kim has been cast)