Not a huge pile this week… hard to believe the “War” is almost over…


Amazing Spider-Man #537 – Spidey has been through the ringer. He sided with Iron Man in the initial Registration debate, outted his secret identity to the world, learned some of Iron Man’s dirty secrets, then ditched the Pro-Registration side, put Aunt May and Mary Jane into hiding, and went out to Find Cap, got his ass beat by some old enemies, then got rescued by the Punisher. Who knows what could happen next!
Civil War #6 – I reckon this is where the big battle is either going to happen or get started. Only one issue left (not counting tie-ines) to get this all resolved and start up the new Marvel Universe status quo. Can’t wait!!!
Civil War: Front Line #10 – So Sally Floyd gave Cap a good old fashioned tongue lashing last issue. That takes some balls. And when are they actually going to blow the lid on the profiteering allegedly going on with Iron Man. We’re running out of time people!!
Irredeemable Ant-Man #4 – So not only is the main character, Eric O-Grady, the newest anti-hero on the block. But he’s also a pervert. This series is turning out to be quite a surprisingly entertaining read. Not like too many other books out there.
Ms. Marvel #11 – I love this bitch. So freakin’ cool!! The appearance by Rogue in the last 2 issues was excellent… and apparently she’s going to be getting a new man this issue.
Punisher War Journal #2 – The art on this series is BEAUTIFUL, for being about some crazy dude who runs around killing really bad people. Interesting to see the Punisher interacting with more straight-laced Marvel heroes.
Uncanny X-Men #482 – This epic just keeps getting better, after Deathbird and Vulcan teamed up 2 issues ago, and Marvel Girl hooked up with Korvus, we got to see Lilandra return and get her ass whupped, and Darwin come to the rescue of Professor X… what else could happen? How about the Starjammers!?
X-23: Target X #2 – Buy this book! I dunno how the story is gonna turn out or even if it’s going to be that good, but the art is just INCREDIBLE.