UPDATE 1/3/07: Guessing closed… You guys got ’em all!!! Way to go!!

The Rules (in case you want to do it too!)
Step 1: Put your MP3/iTunes on random.
Step 2: Post lyrics from the first 20 songs that play.
Step 3: Post it on your blog & let everyone guess what song & artist the lyrics are from.
Step 4: When a song is guessed correctly, strike out the lyrics & post the title in bold.
Step 5: Looking the lyrics up on Google (or any other search engine) is cheating!!
So, if you know the song – leave your guess in a comment. If you’re right, I’ll post your name (or link). Enjoy!

The Songs

1. “I know you seen me on the video true I know you heard me on the radio true but you still don’t pay me no attention listenin to what your girlfriends mention he’s a slut he’s a ho he’s a freak got a different girl every day of the week it’s cool, not tryin to put a rush on you I had to let you know that I got a crush on you ay-yo shorty, won’t you go get a bag of the lethal I’ll be undressed in the bra all see through while you count your jewels thinkin I’ma cheat you the only one thing I wanna do is freak you keep your stone sets I got my own baguettes & I’ll be doin things that you won’t regretCrush On You (Remix) – Lil’ Kim & Lil’ Cease ***CrystalG

2. “I near a wind whistling air whispering in my ear boy mercury shootin’ through every degree oo girl dancin’ down those dirty & dusty trails take it hip to hip rocket through the wilderness around the world the trip begins with a kiss roam if you want to roam around the world roam if you want to without wings without wheels roam if you want to without anything but the love we feelRoam – The B-52’s ***ShannonH

3. “maybe I’m brainless maybe I’m wise but you’ve got me seeing through different eyes somehow I’ve fallen under your spell & somehow I’m feeling it’s up that I fell every moment as long as you’re mine I’ll wake up my body & make up for lost time say there’s no future for us as a pairAs Long As You’re Mine – Wicked OBCR ***Phillip

4. “hey yo I’m still not a playa but you still a hater elevator to the top hah see you later I’m gone penthouse suite penthouse freaks in house beach French countesse 10 thou piece rent-out lease with a option to buy coppin a 5-0 benz for when I’m not far up in the sky puffin the lye from my twinzito up in the benzito with my kiko from Queens nicknamed perico we go back like PAs and wearin pjs now we reach the peakage runnin trains for 3 days who wanna ride it wont cost you a dolla whether soft or harder of course you still gonna holla my my I’m big huh I rip my dick through your hooters I’m sick you couldnt measure my dick with six rulers hold up chula I’m all about gettin loot but I knock that boot if you out to get hoofStill Not A Playa – Big Pun & Joe ***CrystalG & Saul

5. “and when she walks she walks with passion when she talks she talks like she can handle it when she asks for something boy she means it even if you never ever seen it everybody get your necks to crack around all you crazy people come on jump around you doing anything to keep her by your side because she said she love you love you long time maneater make you work hard make you spend hard make you want all of her love she’s a maneater make you buy cars make you cut cords make you fall real hard in loveManeater – Nelly Furtado ***ShannonH

6. “I hitched a ride with a vending machine repair man he says hes been down this road more than twice he was high on intellectualism I’ve never been there but the brochure looks nice jump in lets go lay back enjoy the show everybody gets high everybody gets low these are the days when anything goes everyday is a winding road I get a little bit closer everyday is a faded sign I get a little bit closer to feeling fine he’s got a daughter he calls easter she was born on a tuesday night I’m just wondering why I feel so all alone why Im a stranger in my own lifeEveryday Is A Winding Road – Sheryl Crow ***Phillip

7. “there are worse things I could do than go with a boy or 2 even though the neighborhood thinks I’m trashy & no good I suppose it could be true but there are worse things I could do I could flirt with all the guys smile at them & bat my eyes press against them when we dance make them think they stand a chance & then refuse to see it through that’s the thing I’d never do I can stay home every night wait around for Mr. RightThere Are Worse Things I Could Do (Grease cover) – Sophie Ellis-Bextor ***Phillip

8. “you don’t where you belong you should be more careful as you follow blindly along you just need to belong somehow relying on rhetoric not well versed on topics any idea what youre talking about revisions of history fair well in some company but dont shove that bullshit down my throat you don’t know where you belong you should be more careful as you follow blindly along to find something to swear to till you don’t know whats right from wrong you just need to belong somehowYou Don’t Know – Cyndi Lauper ***SHannonH

9. “thought that I was going crazy just having one those days yeah didnt know what to do then there was you & everything went from wrong to right & the stars came out and filled up the sky & the music you were playing really blew my mind it was love at first sight cause baby when I heard you for the first time I knew we were meant to be as one was tired of running out of luck thinking bout giving up yeah didnt know what to do then there was youLove At First Sight – Kylie Minogue ***Saul

10. “when you call my name its like a little prayer I’m down on my knees I wanna take you there in the midnight hour I can feel your power just like a prayer you know I’ll take you there I hear your voice, its like an angel sighing I have no choice, I hear your voice feels like flying I close my eyes oh God I think Im falling out of the sky, I close my eyes heaven help meLike A Prayer – Madonna ***Phillip