Light week this week… shame tho.. cuz now I’m a man of leisure and have plenty of time to read…


New X-Men #33 – So Wither is now seduced by the Black Queen, and we’re onto a new storyline about the new enemy being introduced in X-23’s new mini-series. I would also like to congratulate the creators on dedicating the bulk of last issue to all the recently deceased characters of the past storylines. If they’re going to kill off a bunch of characters, I’m glad they gave them a memorial service.
Ultimate X-Men #76 – So Ultimate Cable is Wolverine from the future… Bravo, Kirkman… you are truly inspired!
X-23: Target X #1 – A new mini-series about more of X-23’s mysterious past. I’m game.
X-Factor #14 – This is one of the best series out there… y’all NEED to check it out. This ish, M and Siryn are PISSED the Madrox has been banging them both. And the mutant shit hits the fan!